Teen sues parents wants them to pay for college


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Actually, that isn't a very intelligent thing for the judge to say. It's not about setting precedent, you CAN'T set precedent even if you wanted to because there is no law to set that precedent on. Once one reaches the age of majority there is no further legal obligation for the parents to provide for another adult. This whole case should have been thrown out already on Summary Judgment.
Maybe NJ state laws have something about providing for someone despite age of majority? I have known divorced parents who still need to pay child support for a child even after 18yo but I don't remember which states they live.

Our family code is different in our country. Here you can't kick out your child just because they turn 18, which means as long as they live under your roof and are still in school, parents are still responsible for them economically. In the case of divorce, the child could still receive support. While it seems unfair for parents, the law also protects them in the future. Parents of retirement age should be taken care of by their children if said children have means to do so (good salary) and parents are only receiving the most modest retirement package (basic pension from the state). If children refuse, the parents can sue them for parental support.


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Thanks for the update, I was wondering what happened there. Probably realized that was a lawsuit she wasn't going to win.


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Kind of mostly sounds like that because the daughter is now an adult the parents haven't adapted to this change. Sort of the father is treating her like she is in junior high. Trying to discipline her by cutting of her college money thinking maybe forcing her to come back home.. .
But I think this girl rather have her freedom. Most kids at that age get in some kind of trouble. I think they ought to help her ask as long as the daughter is not throwing her life away.
Of course they can make a half and half agreement her to pay the other half. This will also show she wants to be an adult and take care of responsibilities. .young adults need to learn to be independent partly at least without parents interference. We learn when we have to play a part to keep our end of the deal. . if she wanted college that bad half way agreement I think is most fair.
Now that the media caught her she better not get in great trouble. If she wants to try I think the school will try to come up with some plan. . even more likely if she is good in these courses.