Teen killed in drive through car wash


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That is trouble.

It just proves, you never no when things like this will happen.

Shoot, I almost bit it in my accident, remember Andrew?

It is a shame.


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It is sad. Probably should not have been inside the car wash, while the car was going through. One of those decisions that you can never take back. Hopefully they will be able to learn something from this about how dangerous those places can be while the machinery is running.


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That is a real mistake. I wonder how they got the machinery to run while he was tangles in the hoses. Did somebody else turn it on or was it an automatic car wash?


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It says 3 minute express wash on the sign. Only an automatic car wash is that fast. The police haven't said much except to say that everything was caught on the cameras inside the car wash.


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I would have hated to be those police that had to watch the tape. I would of had nightmares for a very long time. My heart and prayers go out to the family and friends of that guy.


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thats sad. im just confused on how he could get tangled in hoses and the people gonig through the car wash not notice.