Teen Attacked, Beaten to Death in Melee


Certified Shitlord
It sounds wrong, but I think shit like this fuels racism. I really do.

I mean, you hear about gangs and people think of this shit. Then they're told that their town wants "low income housing" and the first thing they think of is gang violence. Gangs are nothing but attempts by disadvantaged people to find respect and power and that almost always devolves into drugs, sex, and violence. Then, to top it off, the supposedly "left wing" media glorifies the gangsta lifestyle, sells us clothes to look like "them", music to sound like "them", and programming to cater to "them".

Yet nothing is done to stop gang violence. Nothing is done to support higher education and to get these kids off the street and you know why? There's no money involved.

Yeah, rant, apologies but I've been thinking on racism a lot lately since it keeps showing up in the news and I can't help but think how imagery goes so far to damage the reputation and image of the poor and of minorities in this country.