Teddy Hart and Jack Evans to WWE?


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Teddy Hart is telling people he’s joining World Wrestling Entertainment alongside his uncle Bret.

While his claims have yet to be confirmed, the feeling among his peers in Mexico — where he currently resides — is that should he wind up in WWE, he won’t last long because “he hasn’t learned one thing since he’s been there.” He still has a reputation for being highly talented, but greatly lacking in the psychology aspect of wrestling. Also, he still has a reputation for not listening, which is pretty much why he was released by WWE in October 2007.

Hart wants to bring Jack Evans with him, but Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) is high on Evans, more so than Hart, not mention he has more than two years left on his contract anyway.
Both these wrestlers are very talented and have the most creative, unique and.... RIDICULOUS movesets i've ever seen. Which is why i can't see them working in WWE. Both wrestlers like to take risks, especially Evans who all but kills himself on a regular basis, and Teddy has a moveset that basically.... all but kills other people on a regular basis! Though it'd be cool to see these two on TV (i miss seeing Jack Evans on stuff since he went to AAA) WWE would limit their movesets so much they'd just be another wrestler and get lost in the shuffle. Plus Teddy Hart supposedly is still unprofessional and irresponsible.

Still, i guess a high flyer would be nice in The Hart Dynasty. Then you got Power, Technical and High Flying superstars and a talented diva! It'd be a pretty sweet faction.
Think this was one of Bret's demands in his contract to return to the WWE? To have his nephew join the WWE as well? Hmm...

On one hand I would really like to see a Hart stable with Bret running things. Tag team champs The Hart Dynasty, Teddy or Jack as Intercontinental and/or US championship, and, of course, World Heavyweight Championship. It would be interesting to see that happen.

Teddy just really needs to work on his attitude and listen to Vince and the writers. Don't expect everything to go YOUR way. They may get squashed, released, but hey, that's WWE.

Oh, and let me just say I LOVE the honesty in the wrestling business. His peers spill the beans and arn't worry about some lawsuit backlash nonsense. Haha - I love it!
Whoa... the Dungeon Bomb, Hart Rate and Stu Hart Special look so awesome! Every single one of those moves > most current finishers. haha

If he faces light opponents he should probably use one of those, while for bigger opponents... hmm... maybe the high rope dive. Billy Kidman did those, I believe.


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Pretty sweet moves. Anything involving a pilledriver won't be allowed in the WWE. That reserve piledriver was, just, stupid, lol.

Bring in Teddy Hart though. Why the hell not? I know he's had problems in the past but lets give him another shot.


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I was pissed when he got released, I am a huge Teddy Hart supporter. His moves set are out of this world. The only problem is his attitude he seems to be a cancer in the locker room, and that's why he got released in the first place.

Even if Bret Hart is coming back, I have a real hard time to see Teddy Hart in the WWE again.


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Well WWE have been after Bret for a LONG time, so i think they'll take Teddy in as part of the deal. Even if they only have to keep him until April on the same contract Bret is on. I'd love to see him really make it in WWE but unless he changes his attitude that isn't gonna happen.

Jack Evans i can't see happening though. WWE aren't gonna bring him in just because Teddy is high on him (probably because Evans lets Teddy destroy him every time they wrestle!) and Evans really isn't WWE style.