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    Ted Williams is considered one of the best players of all time. I think everyone knows that he lost a couple of seasons due to war. Some people say that if he never lost that time than he would be considered the best, no questions ask. Now it's hard to say what numbers he would put up if he never missed that time, but it looks like it would be pretty good numbers.

    So where do you guys rank Ted Williams as the greatest hitter of all time?

    Do you believe that losing time due to war really hurt him?

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    I actually don't know a lot about Ted Williams, it's something I've been meaning to study in my spare time and something that really bothers me as a Sox fan that I don't know more about. From the little information I know, he's often referred to as the greatest hitter of all time. Not always, but many players and coaches would comment as to how stunningly natural his abilities were (arguably why he was a pilot during the war). With today's pitching, I don't know if we'll see another .400 hitter, but one thing is for sure and that's Ted's talents.
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    Here's a bit of information of Ted Williams.

    The last man to hit .400 finished with a lifetime .344 average 521 hrs and 1839 Rbis. He won 2 MVP awards and was in the top 5 for MVP 6 other times. He never won a World Series which might hurt him a bit when people rank him, but not that much.

    He lost a couple of prime seasons due to war, which really hurt his numbers. But we can't really say what he would of hit during those years, but I'm sure it would of been great numbers.

    I personally rank Ted Williams the second greatest hitter of all time after Babe Ruth, the man had a great eye, and understood the art of hitting. He could hit for power and he could hit for average. He did both of those thigns really well.

    One of the amazing things about the year that he hit .406 is that the last day of the season was a double header, he entered the day with a .39955 batting average if you round it up it makes it .400, the manager of the Red Sox game the oppurtunity to Williams to sit for those two games, so he can finish the season batting .400, but Williams declined and played both games. He finished 6-8 during those two games, and finished the season with .406 batting average. Simply amazing.

    More to add later.
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    I don't see how not having a ring would affect how people rank him. Single men do not win championships, teams do.

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