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Politics Ted Cruz for President 2016


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No, he didn't officially state this candidacy but I think we're going to hear about it very soon.

Sen. Ted Cruz Sounds Like He’s Running in 2016 | Video | TheBlaze.com

Cruz seems to be able to so eloquently state all of the problems. If you're looking for someone with the right answers then Cruz is your guy (although others have lots of answer as well).

Yeah I know, Cruz isn't perfect, never trust a politician, blah, blah, blah, I don't care. If this man becomes president of the United States then conservatism wins a significant piece of the battle over the heart of America.

Cruz 2016.



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We don't know all that much about him. But every time he speaks I agree with him and his actions seem to line up with his words. He's one of the very very few people already in Washington that I believe is genuine. But who knows for sure. Or even deserves to be in Washington in the first place.

I'm interested to learn more about him. His values line up with mine. I think he could win.

But I'd still need to know more about him before is say he's my first choice.

People don't usually officially announce that they are running for president this far out because they become stale and yesterday's news. While I don't agree with that philosophy, most pundits/experts do. I use that term very loosely. Usually talking heads are just a mouthpiece for the red or blue. Nothing more but that's a different subject.

Even so, I don't think many people believe Clinton is unbeatable as she was thought to be last year.

I'm just hoping we don't get another john mclame. We haven't had a true conservative in office since Reagan. Although even he was too centrist and willing to negotiate for me.


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Did anyone catch the last 10 minutes of Glenn Beck today:
Why does Glenn believe this strategy will win Hillary Clinton the White House? – Glenn Beck
“Here’s what Hillary is going to do,” Glenn said. “Do you remember when America was good? Do you remember when we had jobs, and we were building towards a brighter future, and things were really happening? During the Clinton Administration, we had it under control. Things were good… We’re going to do better. We’re going to replant our flag in the traditional things that you understand… We can talk about Ronald Reagan all we want, but nobody remembers Ronald Reagan. It was too long ago. We remember Ronald Reagan, but the Clinton years are the golden years.”

Glenn admitted he and Pat have had conversations about how they would “gladly take Bill Clinton right now” simply because things have gotten so out-of-control. While the Clinton presidency was not nearly as triumphant as history has remembered it, even Glenn said he remembers those years fondly.
That makes total sense to me. Everyone remembers how great the 90s were. Low taxes, no war, no Islamofacist, lots of jobs. She will sell that nostalgia. That's not who she is, but damn if she can sell it right, she will win. God help us.
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