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Technology 100 years from now


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Computers will definitely be advanced. I think Internet techonology will become advanced that it will be easy to connect anywhere.


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You know, I'm going to be really friggin' cliché here, and say that I'm honestly hoping for at least some of the technology seen in Neuromancer, Cyberpunk 2020, Shadowrun, etc.

Without the whole, "We're AAA-rated corps, we pretty much run the entire world, screw you if you're poor, blah blah blah" thing cyberpunk usually has going on.


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Similar to this, I've always wanted some kind of device that would be able to record your dreams into video.
What? And let my wife get hold of it to watch? :shocked:
I don't think so! :shake:
Computers will definitely be advanced. I think Internet techonology will become advanced that it will be easy to connect anywhere.
Not just easy to connect, but auto-connect. As soon as you walk in the door, your home system senses that you're home, turns on your CV (CompuVision) and IGIS (Inter-Galactic Information System) from which you can watch any number of different entertainment channels simultaneously on a screen that takes up an entire wall of your home. And the screen won't sit up against the wall, it will be in the wall. On any selected portion of that same wall, the IGIS will have the ability to also simultaneously connect to anyone on any other system in the entire Galaxy, up to and including your in-laws on another planet. Any waiting video messages will be automatically connected to the sender so that they can see and speak with you.
And that's only a very small sample of what is waiting for us 100 years from now.;)

Update: I was at the grocery store yesterday and another "future" thought came to mind. In 100 years, the electronic key fob for your auto will do more than just unlock the door, turn on the lights or honk the horn. You will give it a voice command and your vehicle will self-start, leave it's parking space and come where you are waiting for it. You will get in the passenger seat and it will drive you home. You won't have to have a driver's license because the robotic auto-drive feature will take you everywhere you want or need to go, just by issuing your own personal voice commands.
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Here's another one: instruments you don't have to learn how to play.

Shadowrun 4th Edition puts it as instruments you plug your head into, and you use can create the music you hear in your head.

I think it you could get something similar, it would open doors for people who can't play an instrument for whatever reason. Though it would also result in crap, a lot more one-hit wonders, and a general lack of talent because all you'd need is a creative mind.


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it will keep developing as time goes on
but none of us will be here to see it in 100 years


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Don't know if someone has mentioned this yet, but it would be really awesome if you could have a chip that connects to your speech and listening parts of your brain and you'll be able to understand any language and be able to speak in any language automatically without any education or teaching!

Also, I hope they make a device where you can make delicious pizza in 1 second! Wouldn't that be awesome?!?!


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2001 the space odessey was my dad's senior theme, they predicted flying cars, crazy electronics. and more.

i graduated 2001, flying cars... didn't happen. electronics are mildly superior to the technology we had back then... i know you think im crazy. technology didn't really increase as much as it got smaller. we've gone to the point were small devices are not even what we want anymore.

i say no matter what we predict life will pretty much be the same as it is now... rules will change... of course technology will advance but i don't think it'll be to the point of teleportation stations or microwaves that poof food like in back to the future either.