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Technology 100 years from now


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It's a pretty good idea to do that with soldiers. As long as your system is secure and hack proof, good luck with that by the way. Space travel would be awesome. Wasn't some company going to start a thing where you pay like 200 grand for a ride in space?


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Wow old thread... Almost a year between this reply and the last.

what do u think about hologram televisions do you think they will be cheap

haha no, definitely not for a long time after it's invention, just think about it, High Definition TVs have dropped in price a very small amount as compared to standard definition TVs which dropped like a rock rather quickly. Holograms will be who knows how many steps past what we have today.

Sure they'll be cheap eventually but I doubt that we'll ever live to see a cheap hologram Television.
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u think the price of cell phone watches will go down
i know a lot of people want to know about the possibility of rocket boots
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I think it would be cool if we had jet packs or rocket boots like the person said above. Also I think the 3d TV will soon be out as the prices of HDTV's has dropped so much recently so I think that they are preparing to launch or design a new type of quality. Also I think soon enough people will have DNA/eye ball(reterner) scans for entering your own house and that type of stuff. So in the near future security will be a lot more advaced and harder to break. but like always there will be away to break it.

Also in the future we will all be monitored. Where ever we go there will be cameras and things to identify where we are. For example the identity cards they were on about bringing out in the UK they could easily put a chip or a tracking device to determin where abouts we are at a cirtain point but hopefully that will happen not to soon as I like my freedom the way it is.

Also I think it would be cool if we had virtual TV where we where head gear and when we watch tv it's like we are actually there... Now that would be awesome!!


Hell, It's about time!
I could see a lot more user friendly computer systems integrated into the home, car and peoples lives. Medical technology will increase greatly. I can see man and machine mixing to cure things like paralysis and mental disorders. Space travel and light speed technology could be a reality. Things like holographic user interfaces will be common place. Instead of a computer screen there are holograms you can interact with. There are a lot of cool things that are reality now, it'll just take a few more years to perfect the technology.



"There can be only one!"
I was thinking about this the other day, can't remember why I thought it, but:
No age limit on transport vehicle licences, i.e cars, lorries, buses etc, because they will be so easy to drive, and because of inbuilt technology, they'll be impossible to crash, but young Children will need to be accompanied by someone over the age of 16, so they don't come to any harm from strangers etc.
Motor-Bikes would need a minimum age due to safty constraints.


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What would be cool is that thing in the matrix with that circle in the back of your head, where you can upload information and like, how to drive and stuff. But instead of being on a computer it'd be actually in real life.


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What I never understood was the fanaticism for privacy. So what if some central computer know you went thru the subway turnstile at 3:14. Or some camera records you entering and leaving a strip club. The only people who should be concerned are those who need to keep their activities secret. Not to mention the benefits of having your activities logged. Lets say you get pulled over by the police and end up being assaulted or framed for something. Now the cops dashcam can pretty much show what the officer allows it to see. Wouldnt it be nice to also have other building mounted cameras recording it also?

There is something I've been worried about when it comes to the fast pace of innovation. What happens when computers and 3D/Holographic equipment can create games and virtual environments so realistic that people would rather stay hooked up than be in the real world? Does social interaction in the real world disappear? Can you blame someone for wanting to run around in virtual fantasy worlds that make our own look drab and boring?