Technology 100 years from now


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Do you ever think about how things will be 100 years from now? I mean, think back 100 years to 1907... It's not like we ever think about how things were back then.

100 years in the future, I doubt those people will think much of things as they are now. Imagine the technological advances that could be possible over 100 years of time?

There is a good chance that nobody on this forum will be alive 100 years from now. Heck, there is a good chance that our kids probably won't be around by then either. It's a weird feeling to think about it.

How do you guys/gals envision technology in 100 years?


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I think it's hard, or near impossible to predict. It's really hard to tell what breakthroughs someone is going to make by accident. A lot of it will probably deal with nanotechnology, or even better; I predict that quantum technology will surpass that within the hundred years.


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I have always thought that it would be cool to have a hard drive that is put into your head and somehow your memory is saved on a hard drive, maybe some bionic limbs that work and maybe have artificial feeling, hover cars (obviously), the games by then will be real life graphics and there will be a way to actually fight someone else through a virtual program, everyone will have completely electric cars, computers will be ridiculously better than they are now, probably better than a 256 core processor and a 512 GB video card, hard drives will be in hundreds of thousands of Gigabytes, eventually all of the NES systems will break down.. The technology in teh fture will probably be much better than this.

The computers of the future will probably be more than five times better than the best of mainframe computers now.

Anybody here own a mainframe computer?


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I have always thought that it would be cool to have a hard drive that is put into your head and somehow your memory is saved on a hard drive
Similar to this, I've always wanted some kind of device that would be able to record your dreams into video.


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Yeah that would be a cool thing to record your dreams, but I was thinking of it more of being a cure for allzhimer (or something like that) disease so that people could remember stuff into their later life.

The computers of the future will make what we have now look like junk, I wonder what monitors will be like...


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Computers could very well move to nano computers so small that you'd need a microscope to see them. Maybe not the entire computer but at least some parts. Processors will have moved into realtime processing of equations that would take todays computers years to do.

As for monitors I think they will have holographic screens that cover entire walls. Unlike the holographic screens in the movies today, these will look like they are actually there instead of slightly transparent.

Satellites will be much more advanced and my guess would be that internet would be a thing of the past completely, at least the internet we know of today.

I also expect AI to have reached realistic intelligence levels of humans. This is something scientists and programmers of today are working on. I doubt it will take them 100 more years to perfect it. iRobot style AI could be reached in the next 100 years I think.


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This far into the future it is almost impossible to predict what will be around. Think of technology in 1907, they had no idea what the technology was going to be like today. Technological breakthroughs are almost impossible to predict.


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But won't these computers in your heads, or attached to your bodies make it way easier for people to moniter you? The possibility of more "police states" with this type of technology could prove very sad.


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I'm hoping that we have some sort of space travel by then. Also, a "holodeck" would be bitchin.

And Van, the US government (and possibly others) are starting to do that with RFID chips. At this time, they are already putting them into new passports, and they eventually want to put them into soldiers for "digital dogtags"