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Tech that Changed Your Life?


Registered Member
Is there a piece of technology--high tech or low tech--that changed your life for the better? You can say MRI or iPhone if there's a really personal story to it, there's no restriction, but I'm curious specifically about perhaps the unorthodox or unusual.

So for instance, I could say bicycles changed my life. Mobility, cost, etc... but I actually have a very specific one--this cargo bicycle called the Yuba Mundo. It's not fancy, it doesn't have a computer on it (though you can get an electric drive version), and you could argue it's less complicated than a washing machine. However, it can haul 440lbs and it's allowed me to give up my car. I always rode a bike for health and environmental reasons, but I also always had my car. It changed my life in a way that made me healthier and saved me money, among other things.

Is there a specific piece of tech, a product, or something else that has changed your life personally for the better you'd want to mention?


Free Spirit
Staff member
Satellite TV, before that I only received two channels and they were fuzzy most of the time.

Also the internet, until it came along I rarely talked to people from other countries. Gave me a perspective on what their life was like outside of what I hear on the news. Finding out what other people think about products I'm about to buy or looking for information on something I've heard on TV.


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I think the main thing that changed me was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum that a cousin gave to me when I was in my teen, it was at the time a great piece of tech but these day's it is so clunky and old it's almost a collectable. It would be some years before I had a desktop computer. I seem to remember having a PC with Windows 3.1 on it but it wasn't that great and we got our first Windows 95 machine somewhere around 1999.
Computers of course changed almost everyone’s lives one way or another because they are so engrained on society but they did help me with my career. It is not he career I wanted to begin with but it is something I have grown to support.


Registered Member
Technology has changed a lot my life.

In in chronological order with the cable TV, with the PCs, with the internet (first it has been too slow :rolleyes:, and then faster and faster), with the notebooks, with the normal mobile phones, with the smartphones and with the tablets.

And the technology becomes better and better also in the photography. :)


Sally Twit
I have to say Internet as well. I wouldn't know some of the most important people in my life if it wasn't for the Internet.


I ♥ Haters
Definitely the Internet. Everytime the Internet goes out or the modem lags, it's fucking pandemonium. Plus I wouldn't be able to keep in touch with my best friend if it wasn't for the Internet... Well I guess I could call him, he's only four hours away but still... internet.

Oh and the fucking smartphone. I'm literally depend on my phone. If I forget this hunk of glass and plastic at home it feels like I'm missing a limb.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Definitely my smartphone. I'll be the first one to admit that I am addicted to it. I'm always on it. It has everything that you need. Like Bubbles, if I forget it at home(which never happens) I would feel helpless without it. I know may think that's bad, and that's fine, I just love my phone and it's really important to me.


Registered Member
It deserves it's own post just for the name.

Now for the elaboration...

Final Cut Pro.

I'm probably one of only two people right now who get this, why it needs no explanation.

Final Cut Pro.

No, this is not spam. It really is that profound.

Final Cut Pro.

...... for home use (as opposed to going into a school's computer lab and borrowing time in the short period between 2000 through half of 2001).

I actually chose my first personal Mac with Final Cut Pro on it over a car. To this day... I still do NOT... HAVE... a CAR.

Don't need one. It was that important.

(note: The appropriate soundtrack for this post is the Terminator 2 Judgement Day main theme)

That's how profound it is.


New Member
Yes, Absolutely Technology is the most important role of human life everywhere. Technology has brought totally changes to human life like is is communication or interact to other people as solve life's problems. The Internet, Digital media or smartphone seems like human's whole life upgraded or changed the lifestyle on new way.