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Tech Support, Difficult Users


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Any Help Desk professionals out there?

I am in a tech support position/Administrator, and I have had my time wasted by "Sally Secretkeeper". Not literally, but when I would ask questions, she would just dodge them or say "I don't know". For example, there was an error message that came up during shutdown. The error happens almost everytime during shutdown, and I told her to write it down or take a photo of it (I spent 3 hours total on it, I am part time and fixing problems is only part of my job) She keeps making excuses as to why she cannot write the error message down or take a photo of it. I already spent two days on this issue trying to make the error message pop up. Also, whenever I try to replicate the problem and have the error pop up, it never happens.

Now, I am good at troubleshooting, but I seem to suck when it comes to soft skills. Although I could still solve this issue by using trouble shooting techniques that I am very familiar with, it would go ALOT faster if this annoying user would actually answer my questions! Does anyone know how to deal with difficult users who withold important information?
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Was this over the phone or email?

I've done phone tech support in the past and it can be BRUTAL I tell you...

I've wasted a lot of time trying to help people who are too lazy to actually do what I ask them to try. So for example, I have them check something, they say they did and that it is fine. Then later on I say "Ok I don't think you checked that correctly. Can you check again?" They actually check for real now and say something like "Oh this is a different screen. I haven't seen this before."

It is so stressful and annoying sometimes when people simply refuse to listen.


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Sometimes, people are just too lazy to do what you want them to do. If that is the case, then with those people, I tell them that if they are unable to do the tasks the I need them to do to troubleshoot the issue, then I am unable to help them anymore, because until they complete what I have asked them to do, the problem will not be able to be figued out.


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Hi ErikW. I think "Sally Secretkeeper" may have a "secret" crush on you. :lol:
If you are single and she is too (and you won't get slapped with harassment or in the face) try to work your magic. ;)