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I got bored. It's hot over here where I live and I have to stay inside because I'm babysitting my little sis -_-; So I made a Tech sig! I didn't feel like going on PR so, I took a render off of here! Yeah I had to use the search option to find it. I made two versions so yeah...there is only little difference in them >.> Here they are:
Version 1

Version 2

Tell meh what ya guys think!
Both have great artistic value! No flaws that I can comment on really. I like how on the first one you added something to the background (rather border) without distracting attention to the main picture of it! Nicely done! I can't honestly say which I like more....


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Lol thanks for the comment Kosis!*hugs*
you stole my render :(
It's kinda like an apology Omega to ya as of late^^ Plus awhile back you said that I COULD use it, I just decided to use it now. Plus I think this is the first time anyone has used any of your renders on here happy!:clap: Plus I loved using it:D


rainbow 11!
That's awesome! I REALLY like the first one. ^^ It's my favorite!

Make some more like that! I'd really like to see them. XD


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The border on the first one bugs me for some reason, but the rest of it looks really cool. The blue coloring gives it a different mood, lol. Isn't it cool how you can create moods with certain colors?

I'd suggest others, however. Everyone keeps using blue for some reason. Other than that, this is yummy!


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
You want to see more of that style Himie? Ok then...your wish shall be my command then^^

Nope it wasn't a one liner comment at all Kosis, makes me happy to know that I can get good feedback from ya too. Which makes me think about something I should do. Hmm...

Icy! Long time no see. Yeah, blue is being overused but when it came out like that I didn't have the heart to change it. Shame on me >.< The black border was something I was thinking about if should of added or not so I made one without it so I could and the rest of you all could see the difference.