Tebow leaves with injury

Discussion in 'College Sports' started by Millz, Sep 26, 2009.

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    Yep. He got his bell rung, because for quite a while, he didn't even know where he was. While sitting on the sidelines, he started puking his guts out. They put him in an ambulance and carried him to the hospital. He was kept overnight for observation.

    While I hate to see any player from any team get hurt, at the present I have mixed feelings about him. Specifically, I still remember when Tyrone Prothro broke his leg in Bama's 31-3 rout over UF in '05. The Gator fans were cheering and laughing at his injury. As a fan and compassionate human being, that's hard to stomach.

    That having been said, whether Tebow returns any time soon may be of huge consequence to the UF team, but truthfully is of little concern to me.

    Meanwhile, Bama remains undefeated after a 35-7 victory over the highly touted Arkansas Razorbacks.

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    I just hope he doesn't play too soon after the concussion. Too many football players go back too soon after a concussion, and it can very easily be fatal. I don't want to see that happen to anyone.
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    I agree that it was a clean hit, personally I think he's going to play next game, after he got released from hospital they said that he felt fine. I know team doctors will evaluate him through out the week, but he'll be ready to go in my opinion.
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    It would be extremely stupid to put him back on the field. A concussion requires at least a few weeks to recover from. You risk brain damage hitting the field so quickly after having one.
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    Yeah, if he's allowed to play next week then there's some real shady stuff going on with the Florida staff. He should sit out at least a week or two.
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    Better make it two. ;)
    Luckily for him, and his teammates, UF is now on a bye week. They won't have a game again until Oct 10 but then they have to play LSU in Baton Rouge.

    I don't yet know what time the game is scheduled to start, but an early start would favor the Gators, while a night game would certainly favor LSU. Regardless, if Tebow plays, he can plan on getting knocked on his back a lot more then than he ever was by KY. Unfortunately, it's going to take him playing every down for the Gators to have a chance of beating LSU.
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    I don't know about that. LSU is the most overrated team in the country right now. What have they done to deserve a #4 ranking?

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