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Me? A Kansas State fan?! Why, how could you have ever guessed? :rolleyes: :lol:

Anyway, people always underestimate Kansas State yet they've become a perinial powerhouse that does better than most seem to think they will. Since they're ranked seventh in preseason right now, it's this simple fact of tradition that tells me they're going to go far this season. ;)


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Just watch Nebraska this year. I guarantee one of two outcomes.

1. We go big, and NU fans are thrilled. Coach Frank Solich turned last year's 7-7 team into winners.

2. We lose bad again this year, and Solich gets the boot.

People here in Nebraska were very mad at Solich last year. Nebraska had a streak of 30+ winning seasons, which ended last year with the 7-7 tied season. Nebraska has always been a big contender, regardless of the fact that we haven't always won the big games or got National Champs. But that aside, NU has a buttload of NCAA records. We've had sold out games since something like 1960. That's insane. We have very devoted fans, but, no offense to you Starfx, K-State fans blow.

I'm sure you're a great guy, but I have never met a K-State fan I like. Not to pick a bone with you, but whenever we go down to Manhattan for a game, our players and fans get egged, get their cars broken into, and people have even gone to the hospital. That has virtually NEVER happened in Lincoln. Nebraska fans are loyal to their team, but not at the cost of being polite to other fans.


No offense taken, but damn! Man, that's been the complete opposite of my experience with fellow Kansas State fans. I know some of "us" tend to hate Nebraska only because they were a perinial powerhouse of the Big 8/12 and that can bring about frustration.

Something else with Kansas State fans is what I aluded to before. No matter how well Kansas State does, we never seem to get the same respect other teams do with the news media. If Nebraska, Colorado, Texas, or Oklahomo top the Big 12 the media are all over it no matter how old and tired it gets. When Kansas State is in the running, however, people just don't seem to pay any attention to it. What's even crazier is that we have one of the best turnaround stories in college football history. Years before, Kansas State was never a contender period as they continuously had loosing seasons. Then, Bill Snyder hopped aboard and he slowly, but surely, got things going in the right direction and we even had a chance at going to the national championships until we blew the Big 12 championship game. This gradual turnaround into a team that's consistantly ranked in the top 25 has brought about some great loyalty to the Wildcats. You'd think that someone would really want to bring that story out.

/me sighs.

Oh well.

I'm sorry to hear about what's happened to the Nebraska fans that come down to Manhatten. I swear, most of the KSU guys/gals I know are pretty well-mannered and fun-loving people. The most "violent" I've ever really seen them get is tearing down goal posts. :lol:


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Yeah, I'm not saying you're violent or anything, but every year after the game, there's always these stories about the antics of crazed K-State fans. I suppose we have some whackos too, but you don't hear about them.

I totally agree with you about the K-State turnaround, though. They have gotten so much better in recent years. They used to be about on par with Baylor or Texas Tech, and now they have a balanced team.

I've gotta vent this though, man- and it's not against K-State, but the freaking NCAA Refs. When we played K-State two years ago, your guys sacked our QB, Eric Crouch. Anyway, one D-lineman grabbed his helmet by the facemask and turned his helmet completely around backwards on his head. The refs didn't call facemasking at all! It was hard to watch, just because of how painful it looked. Anyway, we were in position to score and win the game, but because of that horrid call, we lost. That contributes to the K-State / NU rivalry.


I know it's sad, but it just seems to be a fact of life that every team seems to have some fanatical fans that go way overboard (especially when it comes to rivalry games). Something else that probably adds fuel to the K-State/Nebraska fire is that the old in-state rivalry against Kansas has practically completely evaporated when it comes to football. It's hardly even a question which one is going to win as KSU consistantly gets the lop-sided victory. So the focus is shifted towards Nebraska who we used to always lose to.

/me shrugs.

Anyway, I think I remember that game and yeah, you guys got ripped off on that. Such is yet another sad fact of life is that refs miss and blow calls. It happens all the time. I hate it just as much as you do, but it happens and it can certainly effect the outcome of a game (no matter what the NCAA says after the fact).


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These be Askiri's teams of joy:

NFL: Raiders
NCAA: Nebraska
NHL: Penguins and Avalanche

These are all I care about. I don't really like any other sports unless I actually go to the games. Like the College World Series. I's loves going to sports games!


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I love nebraska but tim.... i need to point something out k-state is better than colorado this year.......... and i am very scared of what nebraska's team looks like (Not ranked) we arent ranked which sucks so much.


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I know- and that's why I said that IF Nebraska can pull out a win against either Colorado or K-State, then we stand a chance at going somewhere this season.

Personally, I think that Nebraska will suprise everyone this year. Not saying National Champs, but don't expect us to be an easy victory this time around. There has been so much outrage over last year's 7-7 season, and the press and public are not happy about it. They have majorly overhauled the coaching staff and recruited a lot of new players.

Another thing I hope for is a more effective pass attack. I think that if Nebraska can manage a decent pass attack, then we can overcome a lot of Big 12 teams. Both Oklahoma and Texas have good rush defense, and the run game has always been Nebraska's hallmark. If we can consistanly nail a pass when we need to, then we can free the offense up, and not have to rely on the standard option play when it's 3rd and 15.


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I echo. I think Solich has got one shot at this. If Nebraska doesn't improve from last season then Solich can kiss his Nebraska career goodbye. The general Nebraksa public has too much money, free time, and pride, wrapped up in the Huskers to watch their team get kicked out of the top 25. What happend to Husker power football with the 'up da middle", "in yo face", "can't touch this", "can't stop the rock", "what....what was that...that was another touchdown", I don't know, but it better come around real quick or ... cream of Solich soup???, anyone???