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Okay- let's just go ahead and rattle of our favorite teams, shall we?

NFL: St. Louis Rams
MLB: St. Louis Cardinals
NBA: hmmm...maybe the Lakers cause I like Phil Jackson as a coach
College Football: Nebraska Cornhuskers ALL THE WAY BABY!
College Basketball: Creighton University, Omaha Nebraska
College Baseball: I actually like Rice and Clemson, but I really don't follow the CWS at all.

That's all I can think of...

ooh wait hockey!

NHL: Um... I don't really care.


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NFL - Washington Redskins
MLB - Atlanta Braves
NBA - L.A. Lakers
NHL - Don't really care as much but the Wings are cool.
College Football - Don't really have one.
College Basketball - Same as above.
College Baseball - Mary Washington cause I play for them.

You can probably tell I like pro sports better than college.


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NFL Da Bears (AZ's football team SUCKS)
MLB AZ Diamondbacks (Cubs are my second)
NBA I dont really follow much but Bulls and Suns sometimes
NHL Phoenix Coyotes (or sometimes the Blackhawk's)
College sports... Arizona State University

as you can see its either AZ or Chicago teams I root for... and untill AZ gets a good football team and out of playing at Sun Devil Stadium (ASU's Football Stadium) I refuse to root for them

how can you justify paying NFL prices while playing in a College stadium?? sucky bench seays that give you a MAJOR pain in the ass... i cant bring myself to do it


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That's nothing man. Here in Nebraska, the Cornhuskers are like gods. The cheapo seats way back in the upper-upper deck cost like $60 a piece. And season tickets for 50 yard line seats are in the tens-of-thousands. Maybe that will make you feel better about the AZ Cards ticket prices.


/me looks above post.

Riiiiiight... Anyway, my teams are as follows:

NFL - Miami Dolphins
MLB - Seattle Mariners
NBA - Seattle Supersonics
NHL - No preference.... really
WNBA - Seattle Storm (yes, I am a fan of the WNBA)
College Football - Kansas State Wildcats
College Baseball - Don't really follow
College Basketball - Kansas Jayhawks and Kansas State Wildcats


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
NFL: Baltimore Ravens
MLB: Baltimore Orioles
College Football: Maryland Terps
College Basketball: Maryland Terps

If I didn't list it, I don't follow it.


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I think that this year will be an awesome year of college football, but especially in the Big 12, if any of you follow any of these teams.

K- State
Oklahoma State
Texas A&M
Texas Tech

I would hope that Nebraska comes out as the Northern champ, but it still may go to Colorado. Texas or Oklahoma will win in the southern division, and overall, I think that either Texas or Oklahoma will beat either Colorado or Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship game.


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You must be a K-State fan, lol. Anyway- I still disagree. If Nebraska can beat K-State, then maybe they will have a chance at beating Colorado for the Northern Division, but I still think that Colorado will come out on top in the north.