Teams with the greatest upside for next season


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On Around The Horn, they were talking about which teams had the best upside for next season.
The panelists and their choices were;

Bill Plaschke - Seattle Supersonics : Kevin Durant & Jeff Green (he called them 2 of the 5 best players in the draft), huge changes to the roster (loss of Allen & Lewis), clean slate to work with.

Tim Cowlishaw - Portland Trailblazers : Greg Oden, the fact that the Blazers (according to him) have changed 75% of their roster for next season, improvement of their young stars (Roy & Aldridge).

those two were obvious picks but then the other two were;

Jay Mariotti - Boston Celtics : Ray Allen, big changes (acquiring Allen, loss of West & Wally), the fact that having Allen + Pierce on the same team could instantly mean play-offs or even further if they can compliment each other, the fact that the Celtics are in the East giving them a greater upside than Blazers/Sonics.

Kevin Blackistone - Atlanta Hawks : Al Horford & Acie Law, young roster getting more experience, more pieces to play beside JJ & Josh Smith, development of young players (Smith, Childress, Marvin Williams, Shelden Williams) the fact that the Hawks are in the East giving them a greater upside than Blazers/Sonics.



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I like all of their answers and can't really add anything to that. With Atlanta, it's getting pretty redundant to say how good they'll be in the upcoming season since this is like the 4th season in a row I've heard that. They look good on paper though.


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I agree with you I remember six to eight years ago, I was talking about the Hawks with my friend, and I remember we were talking about how good they're going to be in the upcomimg season, well that season they finished almost dead last, so on paper they always look good but on the court they look horrible, but this year we an actual pass first point guard they should improve.


I'll take Charlotte over Atlanta. I mean the Hawks just lose. Felton went to the Cats Rookie camp and jumped to the front of the line the other day. When the reporter ask what he was doing their he replied " I can't wait to run this offense with J- Rich and Gerald (when we re-sign him) on the wings". It was a rookie camp and Ray wasn't required to be there. When I seen that write up in the local newspaper I started thinking about how much fun this team is going to be. With the finish to last year and what they have done so far I am buying season tickets (hopefully). They have the big man in Oak, the point in Ray, the swing men, and more importantly depth to make a huge jump. I'm excited anyway.


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Atlanta seems to be the Arizona Cardinals of the NBA, a sleeper team every year but never quite breaks through. I'm not sold on Seattle for this year, they do have 2 of the top 5 rookies, but who else? Maybe Ridenour but I don't think that's nearly enough in the West. I like Portland in the West and Boston in the East. Portland has had so much turnover on the roster and brought in a ton of talent. Boston with Pierce, Allen, and Jefferson should make the playoffs in the East.