Teams Need To Move Quickly On Przybilla


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Chicago Tribune - If teams want Joel Przybilla, they may want to move quickly.

The Portland Trail Blazers want to keep the 7-foot-1-inch center and they reportedly sent director of player personnel Kevin Pritchard to Wisconsin for a meeting Saturday with Przybilla, who resides in Milwaukee.

The Blazers want to re-sign Przybilla but can offer him only the midlevel exception of about $5 million because they are above the salary cap, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Teams like the Chicago Bulls , who are interested in Przybilla, are in a position to offer much more.

Przybilla, 26, told the Oregonian he is looking for security but is torn about the possibility of leaving the Blazers.

"In sports, nothing is certain, and this could be my one shot to make as much money as I can," Przybilla told the newspaper. "I'm not getting any younger."