Team USA Prepares For Tuesday's Final Cut


Sultan of Swat
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The U.S. National Team's 12-man roster doesn't have to be finalized until Tuesday, one day before the U.S. opens the FIBA Americas against Venezuela. The final two cuts are expected to go down to the wire.

"It'll be a tough selection, because all 14 of these guys have great attitudes, and they all get along," Krzyzewski said after practice Friday at Valley High School. "Whoever is not selected, everybody will feel bad about it."

Los Angeles Times -
Based on the first three days of workouts, the two most likely candidates to be cut are Seattle SuperSonics forwards Nick Collison and Kevin Durant.

Mike Krzyzewski seems to be inclined to feature more versatile perimeter players, including sharpshooters Michael Redd and Mike Miller.

In Durant, the No. 2 overall pick in this year's draft, Krzyzewski said: "He's a special player but he's young. That's just the way it is.

"He's solid and he keeps getting better every day, but it's going to come down to what we need right now."


No Custom Title Exists
I hope Durant doesn't get cut. He needs to be given a chance and I know that Team USA needs talented players.


A Darker Knight
Yeah Durant is talented, but I don't think this is the right place to prove it. It may cost a better person the spot. He hasn't even played a season in the NBA yet. =/