Team sports or Individual Sports?

What kind of sports do you prefer?

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Typically when you play sports do you like to do team sports like football, soccer, basketball, etc. or do you prefer to do individual sports like wrestling, or track?

I enjoy team sports as well as individual sports though I'll admit that I definitely lean to individual sports.

Freshman year I did
-Cross Country (Fall, Individual)
-Wrestling (Winter, Individual)
-Track(Spring, Individual)

This year here's what it looks like
-Soccer (Fall, Team)
-Wrestling (Winter, Individual)
-Track (Spring, Individual)

Clearly I lean toward Individual sports. I guess that I just prefer to work alone.

What do you prefer?


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i like both team and individual, i can work well in both to be honest. i practice Take-Kwon Do, which is mostly a self dicipline so its all about you so its more individual. but it can also be team coz you can do demos and you can do group sparring, and group patterns. but i also generally like basket ball and hockey which are team games. over all i think i can do well in both individual and team sports


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I personally prefer team sports, because the four major sports that I enjoy the most are Hockey, Basketball, Baseball and Football which are all team sports. I just think it's more fun then individual sports. But don't get me wrong I prefer individual sports as well.
Its kinda funny cos I prefer to work and do stuff on my own, but when it comes to sports I'm better off in a team. I guess its cos im not enthusiastic about sports and if its something on my own like a race then I don't care and won't try hard. On the other hand, if I'm playing in a team then I will want to do well cos I don't want to let the others down. I don't really like sports :lol: Well not playing them anyways.


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I prefer team sports. I like how every person needs to work together to give the team a good chance to win. Individual sports are fun too though, cause if you lose you have nobody to blame but yourself.


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Same as the Babe up there. Team because most of the sports I watch, or play video games of, are all team sports.

Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer.

I do enjoy watching Doubles-Tennis too.

I only did 2 sports in high school because:
I was too big for hockey and too big for wrestling and I know I wouldn't have had the stamina to play basketball even though I am pretty decent.