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The season is just around the corner so I wanted to make a preview about my favorite team which is the Dallas Cowboys, and I want you guys to do the same about your favorite team. The Cowboys play in the hardest division in Football any of those teams can win the division this upcoming season.

Start off with Tony Romo, Romo as been a proven quarterback in the regular but it comes to the playoffs he chokes. I still believe he's one of the best quarterbacks in this league. He's still learning the position, I've always said that the quarterback position is the hardest position to learn. I believe he's going to have another great year stat wise, but he needs to show leadership. He needs to be a motivater for this team.

Now on to the running backs, the Cowboys have a good one-two punch when it comes to running backs. They have Marian Barber who to me is one of the hardest backs to take down, he goes head first and tries to go through everything that stands in his way. Then you have the young Felix Jones who shown a lot of poise last season, he should get more carries this season and should be much improved. Their offensive line is going to need to be strong again this season, because doesnt matter how good these running backs are they need good blocks to find holes.

They have one if not the best Tight End in the league in Jason Witten, he has a great pair of hands and he's not afraid to block if he needs to, he'll be one of players with the most touchdowns and receiving yards this season. Now on to the wide receivers, they lost a great wide out in Terrell Owens, I think that will hurt their offense, another thing their going to miss about Owens is his blocking, the man was a great blocker for a wide receiver. Definitely one of the best in the NFL when it comes to wide outs. They got Roy Williams last season in a trade who is a good wide receiver but hasn't shown his full potential in the league yet, he's going to be the number one receiver in this Dallas team, should be interesting to see how he does. Then you have Patrick Crayton who's a good second option, last year he dropped to many makable catches which hurt the team. But he should be improved this year. A third wide receiver will need to step up this season, maybe that can be Sam Huard, he didn't have a good year last year obviously, but he played well in 2007.

Now on to the defense, they have arguably the best outside line backer in the league in Demarcus Ware, the man is a machine and he's only going to get better. Wherever he goes the defense goes in my opinion. They have good corners as well, Newman as improved every year and this season he has a chance to be in the top tier of cornerbacks in this league. Overall this defense should be pretty solid this season.

Now on to predictions, I believe the Cowboys will finish second in the NFC East behind the Eagles, I just have a feeling Philadelphia will have a great season this year. I believe the Cowboys will finish with eleven wins, and they'll finally be able to make it pass the first round. All this depends on how healthy the main players will be this season.
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As everyone should know just by my avatar that the Vikings are my favorite team.

Starting off with our quarterback situation, we have on and off starter Tavaris Jackson who'm finished the year off strong last year after coming in for Gus Frerotte at the end of the year, but will that be how he plays this year if he wins the quarterback battle? The Vikings traded for Sage Rosenfels, finally aquiring him after not being able to last year, but he doesn't seem to be much of an improvement since he hasn't really started all that much himself. Then there's second year player out of USC John David Booty, whom I thought should've got some playing time last year but didn't. The quarterback position is our weakest and it's what kills us each year.

Adrian Peterson. Enough said really. Arguably the best running back in the league, he has shined since entering the league two years. A lot of people thought he might be just a one and done back, but he showed everyone he's the real deal by rushing for 1,700+ yards last season and taking the Vikings to the playoffs for the first time since the Culpepper/Moss era. Back-up Chester Taylor is no slacker either, showing he can be effective when Peterson needs a break for a play or two and is a great receiver out of the backfield. The Vikings also signed rookie running back Ian Johnson, who helped Boise State defeat Adrian Peterson's Sooners three years ago, and if he plays like he did in college and shows the Vikings he can be a good back-up, him and Taylor might take turns backing up Peterson thoughout the year. Full back-wise, Tahi and Dugan aren't the greatest fullbacks, but their solid enough to get through the year.

When the Vikings picked up receiver Bernard Berrian, he was suppose to boost their passing game but with the inaccuracy in Jackson, he just 'kind of' helped out. Behind Berrian are a bunch of young recievers who many believe have the chance to be solid the next few years but in my opinion, we'll probably lose them because the past few years they all get pissed off about something. Troy Williamson was someone I expected to be huge for the Vikings but was released because he was disgruntled. The drafting of, what we'll call an athlete right now, Percy Harvinis going to be huge for the Vikings this upcoming year if he can stay healthy. Running back, wide reciever, slot, quarterback. We'll call him Slash Jr. in honor of Kordell Stewart. His explosivness will compliment Peterson's power. The Vikings have talked about already that they plan on adding plays just for Harvin to utilize his athletic abilities on the field.

Visanthe Shiancoe proved to be a favorite target of Viking quarterbacks last year picking up almost 600 yards and 7 touchdowns, doubling his yards over his career and almost doubling his touchdowns over his career. Kleinsasser is a solid back-up and can do well as a starter when they need him, but age has slowed him down over the years so don't expect him to start more then a game or two in a row.

The VIkings Offensive-line is arguably one of the best in the league, but with the loss of Matt Birk, which was a huge surprise to me, leaves them with John Sullivan, a 2nd year player out of Notre Dame, and rookie Jon Cooper to battle it out for the starting job over another rookie Juan Garcia and a veteran Cullen Loeffler. The left side of the line is the best side, with star Guard Steve Hutchinson, and Left Tackle Bryant McKinnie. One the right side we have Ryan Cook at Right Tackle and Anthony Herrera at Right Guard, in which I believe both will help out a great deal this year with helping Peterson rush over 1,800+ yards if he stays healthy.

Now to the defensive side of the ball, we start off with arugably one of the best defensive-lines in the league. Pro bowl Tackles Pat and Kevin Williams and Pro bowl End Jared Allen make for one of the fearsist pass rushing and run stopping lines in the league. Ray Edwards is also a solid end, but if suspensions come for the Williamses, don't expect the Vikings to do well at all this upcoming season.

A great, young linebacking corp if they can stay healthy, Henderson and Greenway make for a strong duo along with Ben Leber to back up the Defensive line if anything goes wrong. If E.J. Henderson younger brother can play like his older brother, Erin Henderson will see his playing time increase and make for an even stronger linebacking corp.

Cedric Griffin and Antoine Winfield are two solid corners in the league that can shut down any passing game, but the real problem with the Vikings is the Safety positions. They lost Pro bowl and future Hall of Famer Darren Sharper in the off-season and have no real proven safeties, so look for the Vikings passing defense to struggle again for year another year.

My Prediction, if they can get the Quarterback position to be solid, they will finish with double digit wins this year and Peterson will have a chance to win his first MVP award. I expect them to be in the top of the league in rushing offense and rushing defense like they always are. Of course it'll be hard with Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler being in the same division, and if someone started getting the ball to Calvin Johnson, you really never know what will happen.