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Xbox 360 Team Fortress 2


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Any body play Team fortress 2 for the 360? If so let me know because I've been getting into TF again. There is a new update coming out within the month and I know it will be affecting medic abilities but I'm wondering if it will include the new map Gold Rush.

Sounds like an awesome update, Details here:

Team Fortress 2 - Gold Rush Update
The 360 update will include all of the TF2 updates, Valve Isn't asking anything for the update but of course MS has to charge 800 msp for it.

I recommend to anybody who hasn't played Team Fortress before to check this game out on Orange Box or through Steampowered.com

It has such a fresh style compared to the other games in the first person genre.
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Hopefully the update will get more people on there, last few times I tried to get on it there wasn't too many people on.


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True, I've noticed more people on lately compared to when I first bought Orange box.. It's one of those games that builds up a gaming community little by little unlike the over hyped games.