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Team 3D’s TNA Contracts To Expire This Week


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
411mania.com: Wrestling - Team 3D’s TNA Contracts To Expire This Week
Do you believe they'll get re-signed? If not, would you like them to see them get a final run with the WWE?

For me, it's hard to tell if they'll get re-signed, the reason being that you don't know wheter or not TNA sees them in their future plans. But TNA as been signing the older guys in recent months, meaning that it wouldn't surprise me if they came back or not. It's a real hard question to answer.

I was a fan of Team 3D when they were feuding with the likes of The Hardy Boyz and Edge & Christian, but I haven't been a fan of them in the last few years. I don't think they would add to the Tag Team division if they did come back.



Living in Ikoria
Staff member
They're a great part of TNA, who has a superior tag division anyway. They've been part of the backbone of that company, and I don't see them leaving.

You never know, though. I'm a big fan of Team 3D and I'd be happy to see them in any company.