Teaching my daughter about guns


Hell, It's about time!
I made this video last night to show all my gun buddies how well my 5 year old is learning about guns. I've already built the base foundation about not touching them unless I say she can, she knows what they do etc...

There is a hilarious twist at the end. I about pissed myself with the animal comment... She obviously was referring to hunting.

Sorry for the poor quality, it was shot from an iPhone. Enjoy!

YouTube - Learning about the SKS
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:hah: Nice. You're right, her comment was hilarious.

Honestly, there are tons of topics that people should be teaching their kids like that, so kids will grow up being knowledgeable about things.


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Good on you man, it's a good thing for your daughter to know.

:hah: Nice. You're right, her comment was hilarious.

Honestly, there are tons of topics that people should be teaching their kids like that, so kids will grow up being knowledgeable about things.
I definitely agree with you, Kids need to learn about the dangers of life. So many kids these days think the whole world is a candy wonder land. I think it's important for any parent to let their kids do dangerous things (under super vision of course) so they don't feel like they have been thrown in the deep end when they finish school and join the real world.

My mum wouldn't even let me play football because she was so protective but in hindsight I needed to play and I needed to get hurt.


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Nothing like some dry-firing practice to get a feel for trigger pull. :lol:

That's really decent of you and I am glad that you are responsibly exposing her to the gun element at such a young age. It was really my now-brother-in-law who taught me about guns (my sister is 7 years older) and I wish it had been sooner in life so that I had more time to learn.

...the comment about the animals though...I have some gripe with. :mad: Maybe we could introduce some balance? For her next birthday, you buy her a subscription to Garden and Gun, and I'll buy her a subscription to Vegetarian Times (and throw in a Peter Singer book, too) and let those influences battle themselves out :lol:

But really, reps for being a responsible dad--major reps.


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I think this is a perfect example of a bonding experience, and since she's learning from you about weapons and guns its a much more stable environment than her learning in school and on television. Who know's?...she can turn out to be a real sharp-shooter with proper training, if parents permit.

But I think this kind of practice and supervision is just awesome.

She's cute! And if guns are going to be a part of her life (inevitable, really :lol:) then it's great that she's becoming knowledgeable of them at an early age like this. And as Shwa said, also good for some father-daughter bonding.


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That is a really cool video Pro, and the animals comment made me laugh:lol:

Good job being a responsible dad and teaching her these things early.


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I know full of people have a gun in usa but for me it's simply amazing to show it to a little girl like this.If arms were the solutions for violence problems, would usa be a so violent country with so much persons dead with it? I ask me how does a child(who don't know before 7 years old that dead is irreversible) recieve this kind of message...


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@ Mara: my daughter is 4 and she knows dead is irreversible. She also knows that daddy's gun is real and dangerous. She knows she is not to touch it even though she will not have that opportunity unless I allow it. Guns are simply a tool that can be used for good or evil. I will teach her to be good and to use tools for good.


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"Only at animals"

I bout fell out of my chair. Haha. It's good that she knows now and isn't one of those kids who just picks one up and tests it out when she's 9. Too many kids kill themselves trying to learn what a gun in uneducated.