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Teacher resigns after leaving wife, kids for student, 18


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Enochs High teacher resigns after leaving wife, kids for student, 18 - Breaking News - Modbee.com
His oldest child attends the high school in Modesto, Calif., where he teaches (or used to teach, he did resign) and where his girlfriend is a student. The girl's mom has been slamming them on Facebook the last week since the man left his wife and kids and moved into an apartment with the girl.

Modesto teacher involved with student raises host of ethical questions - Featured Stories - Modbee.com

Another link from the same paper says:

"A 2006 report to the U.S. Department of Education said that roughly 4 percent of adults say they had a physical sexual experience with a teacher, and nearly 10 percent of students report they have experienced some kind of unwanted sexual attention from a teacher."
Those numbers seem a bit high to me.


Problematic Shitlord
They're probably a bit high because we have wide ranging definitions of what 'sexual contact/harassment' is. That being said, I hope this girl was worth it because it seems this guy may have lost not only his family but his career too.


rainbow 11!
Yeah, I agree with Merc. I hope it was worth it as he just lost a lot. I hope they're happy! Though I feel bad for his family. His wife is taking it hard, I imagine.


aka ginger warlock
As much as I feel for his wife (and I do) I feel worse for the children, they have done nothing wrong but their father has made a decision that will not only affect his but their lives. I also wonder what is going on in the mind of the 18 year old as I feel her parents will not exactly be jumping over the moon for this and she will face a massive ridicule for this.


A Darker Knight
She must be something special for him to just drop his whole life to be with her.

Sifting through all the inappropriate things that went through my head as I was reading the article, can I just say, "daddy issues"? Usually that's taken in a humorous way, but she seems like she could have some serious daddy issues, and this dude could just be living out one of his fantasies.


Registered Member
Like Merc said, it's probably that high because of the wide definition that we have of "Sexual Contact/Harrasment". If a teacher just puts there hand on a kinds shoulder when they're leaning down to help them with a question, some people will say that's "unwanted sexual contact".

Back to the topic of the guy leaving his family, does it seem wrong that he'd leave his wife and kids for someone else? Yes. Of course it's all legal so who cares, as long as he's happy I guess.