Teach caught stealing panties


Ms. Malone
Lol, that's nothing too surprising. Japan has, or used to have, Panty vendors :lol: But maybe he's found a cheap way to make a drag outfit xD


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Y'know, I remember someone telling me that there were vending machines in Japan where perverts could purchase panties worn by high schoolers. I actually thought that person was joking. :lol: Ya learn something new every day.


Ms. Malone
No, it's true :lol: High school girls would sell them to the vendor owner; Japan's view on sex and porn is WAY different to ours.


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Anyway, what a sick bastard. Did he expect her not to notice that her underwear were missing? She's blind, not stupid.


rainbow 11!
LOL steve, way to read the article.

She said she could tell at first glance that she was actually a he and she wrote his license number down.

but LOL @ the article.


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I read the OP and first thought 'No, that's not funny, it's sick.'
After reading the article I saw the funny side. The idiot sicko got what he deserved.