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Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I was just thinking that we don't have any threads about tea. We've got plenty of Brits here and I know you guys have to be pretty close to experts on the stuff. I like to have it with a bagel but I especially like to have it when I'm sick or not feeling well. Tea is an excellent replacement for coffee and, I believe, better for you.

I generally like to drink plain tea, blueberry tea, or green tea. Occasionally I'll drink some sort of black tea. I can never seem to find a brand that I like enough to stick to for a decent amount of time. I generally only prepare it with sugar and sometimes honey. I've never tried any kind of tea with milk or cream but I'm curious as to what teas are prepared better that way.


still nobody's bitch
I love tea. Almost every night I have a cup of Trader Joe's Bedtime Tea, it's a mix of mint and chamomile. They also have some excellent teas that they only release at Christmas time - Candy Cane Green Tea, and Cinnamon Vanilla Black Tea.

I like green tea if it has some sort of flavoring in it, like blueberry.


Sally Twit
Beurk. Hot drinks are the devil.

The people I work with drink 3-4 cups every single day, and that's just during work hours. I think it's a strange tasting drink.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I love Hot Tea...my favorite is probably Chai. The Chai and Chai Latte from Border's Bookstore is probably my favorite, as of now.

I pretty much like every tea around, and I don't need flavoring. I can drink a cup of green tea without adding anything and be pretty content.


yellow 4!
Normal black tea with milk is my favourite but since I'm too lazy to buy milk regularly I do occasionally drink green tea.

Though, I don't drink it anywhere near as often as I used to. And I'm not fussed about all the different types, I just like the simple stuff.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I really like tea, especially on cold days or when I'm sick. I just drink the plain stuff most of the time with no sugar or anything added. I do like green tea, too. I drank a lot of tea on the Colorado Trail. It was great having it on a cold morning before packing up all my stuff and hitting the trail, or after setting up camp in the evening and relaxing. I'm not a big fan of the fancy flavored stuff as much. This girl I met on the trail gave me some weird flavor to try and I thought it was disgusting.


Registered Member
I love tea, my whole family loves tea
i usually drink 2 cups a day morning and night

I love black tea and earl grey (twinning) and also Lipton is also good

since its summer here ice tea is what i'm having more of

I hate green tea, its so good for you, i really wish i did like it but ugh i just dont


Registered Member
I don't get how some people can enjoy the taste of hot tea. Maybe it's because I don't like coffee, or maybe it's because I'm a southern gal, but the only way I like my tea, is sweetened, with plenty of ice in a tall glass. When dining out, that is usually my drink of choice and good thing they have free refills, because I can drink about 4 glasses at a sitting, Awwww, good stuff!