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So imagine it was late at night, your coming back from a bar/club or just a friends house. You take a cab to go home, the cab as finally arrived at your destination, the doors are lock and he won't let you out till you give him the fair.

What would be your reaction if the Cab didn't want to let you out till you paid the fair?

The reason why I ask this scenario sort of happened to a hockey player, and I was curious what you could do in the same scenario?


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I'd just pay the fare and be on my way. I might be a little freaked out, but as the only time I get cabs are if i'm drunk, I probably wouldn't care or notice. I usually pay them before I get out anyway so I don't see what the hassle is.


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From the link you posted I read it that the cabbie got slapped around because HE did not have 20 cents to give to the guy not that he had locked the doors till they paid up.
If that is the case then I think the Player overreacted somewhat considering what he earns 20 cents should not have bothered him.

If I have read it wrong and the driver did in fact lock them in the cab till they paid then yeah he was in the wrong but you pay and nothing more comes of it.

The only time I have had a cab lock me in was when a fair was agreed and on ariving at the destination the guy upped the fair by a lot, I argued with the guy for a few minutes to get him to release the child locks, he did not so I put the side window through and opened the door myself.

I was very drunk and it escalated into a bit of scuffle, not one of my proudest moments.


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I've been to hockey games. I think any cab driver would have to be crazy or stupid as to rile a tired, drunk hockey player. Before that fight was over his cab would look like a pile of junk, and he'd be lucky to get out of it alive himself.
IMO, he's looking for induction into the Darwin Awards. :lol:


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well I wouldn't open the door anyways, until i've paid the fare, so I wouldn't know the doors were locked. It wouldn't make sense to open the door and then pay.
I also always pay straight away, so unless locking the doors makes a sound then I wouldn't know. If I did know, then I'd think it was a little weird, but reasonable. I don't mind if someone I don't know doesn't trust me, especially if it's late at night. But yeah, I'd just pay and then [hopefully] get out, don't really see the problem.


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As long as the driver isn't the bone collector then I'd [ay up and go to bed.

There's no point in making a fuss.

I think some cab firms do this in our area, especially after the number of 'runners' people have done recently.

It's best to just pay up and go home, people don't need hassle late at night, particularly if you're drunk and tired.