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Heavy Weapons Guy
So what do you guys think about taxes. Should they be higher, lower, or about the same?

My personal opinion is that taxes are way too high right now. The government needs to stop putting money into needless programs and be more proactive in actually helping poeple. Basically, give the money where it is due.

For instance, I see no reason for social security to be as large as it is now. If everyone would learn to be smarter about their finances, there wouldn't be this of debt in old age, and people would have money saved up. True, there are some who do need it, so we can't just fully abandon it, but we can lessen it somewhat.

I also think our tax system is way to complicated right now. There has to be a million ways to make it simpler.

What do you guys think?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I say get rid of income tax altogether. Increase sales tax. Tax people for how much they spend, not how much they make. You shouldn't be penalized for trying to save money. But the people who go out and spend their money like it's nothing, tax the hell out of them.


Secret Agent
Staff member
I agree with you Echoes. It's amazing how many people think that is a good idea yet nobody who can make the changes ever seems to agree. :(

Why should I be taxed while I am trying to put money away? I have to spend it sometime so why not tax me when I spend it?

I say raise sales tax a ton and kill income tax. Some states already do this but the Federal income tax is still there. I doubt that will ever go away but I'd at least like to see more states try the "No state income tax" policy.


not a plastic bag
I think the #1 tax issue in America is corporate taxes are the highest in the world. (Or is it 3rd highest?) Whichever, in a global society, corporations are going to set up in the country with the best workers and lowest taxes. We are holding on because we still have the best workers. In the world we live, corporations should be flooding into the US because of our safety and infrastructure. The opposite is happening.

As far as personal, I am all for a flat tax or national sales tax.
Here's a little secret that will make some here sick. The state I live; we don't pay state income or sales tax and we get a check back every year that is basically excess oil revenue. This year the check was $1500 per person. That's sweet.
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