Tavares will wait for '09 draft



This kid is the next stud...A shame he has to wait a whole year due to 5 days!


Oshawa Generals' junior phenom John Tavares has tossed in the towel on his bid to get the NHL to change the date for draft eligibility.
"It's a dead issue," Tavares' agent Bryan Deasley told the London Free Press. "His commitment is to be a General now and next year."
Tavares will be forced to wait until the 2009 NHL Entry Draft because he was born five days after the cutoff date for 2008.
"We're talking to the NHL player's association about it because we believe the Sept. 15 cutoff date is antiquated and doesn't fit in with the present day player," Deasley said earlier this summer.
Tavares was able to get a special exemption which allowed him to enter the Ontario Hockey League a year ahead of schedule.



Sultan of Swat
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This guy has tons of potential and is the biggest propect since Sidney Crosby. He's a pure goal scorer. I think this rule sucks and he should be eligible to enter next years draft. But rules are rules I guess. Can't wait to see him play in the NHL though. I've seen play a couple of times, he's really exciting.


Kid's definately a beast. Met him a few times, he's pretty chill. He'll do well in the NHL. Sucks he has to wait.