taurus vs sentra ??


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I am looking into gettin a new car and I don't know which one is the better car.
I am looking at a 2001 Ford Taurus and a 2002 Nissan Sentra.
I like the look of the sentra so much more than the taurus but the taurus is cheaper. They both have the same amount of mileage (roughly 60k). The taurus is white and the sentra is red. I have test driven both. The sentra jumps a bit going from 1st to second, but runs smoothly from there. My step dad told me that it was just cause the idle is too high.. :)confused:) it drove smoothly going into all of the other gears. The taurus ran really smooth. The taurus is a really long car and I am more so used to driving something compact...
Anyone have any experiences with either type of car, have any suggestions, or otherwise wanna give me 2 cents?


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Go with the Sentra. It's serviceability is much better as well as being more reliable. Also, those Tauruses are known for having transmission problems. Even if the Sentra is a little more money, it will last longer.


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We had a sentra and absolutely loved it (we only had it for a year though, as we ended up needing something bigger), but we have had lots of Nissan's between my spouse and I and our families and they run really well and last forever. I would definitely choose the sentra over the tauras anyday.


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I have a 2002 Taurus 67K miles on it. With in the past 6 years I had three minor problems that Ford took care of. I never had to deal with anything major. My advise is to have a mechanic look at both cars to make sure their OK. Go with what will really suit you.


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My brother drove a taurus for a long time and had absolutely no problems with it. However, that one was a few years older than the one you are looking at, and I just don't feel comfortable with the reliability of the newer ones. I would personally go with the sentra, but I would get the jump from 1st to 2nd checked out before I invested my money into it.