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I'm very interested in tattoos. I'm just curious if anyone here has any work done? I only have a couple at the moment. Mine is a cross design on my left forearm, about 8 inches long. A friend of mine designed the basic outline, and I expanded on the idea with lots of Celtic knot-like designs. It's colored with a lot of earthy colors like blue and green, with the knots being a rusty color gold. The other I did myself, it's just a basic peace sign on my stomach. I plan on getting a full sleeve on my right arm this summer, inspired mostly by H.R. Giger's dark biomechanical look.


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I've designed a few cool looking ones that I think would look cool around my biceps although I doubt I will ever get one. I am a perfectionist so I'd never be happy with how it turned out. Plus even if I ended up happy with it I would end up regretting it one day I think.

Do you have a picture of your Celtic one? It sounds pretty awesome looking!


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ive been meaning to get one. i just dont feel like spending money on it. especially now, i owe best buy $600 for my 360 lol


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Yeppers. I have been inked..Dosent hurt the artist a bit! :lol:

I have two one on my leg of Hitchhikers guide (green guy on the cover)

And a skull and bones on my shoulder ( took 20 hours to compleat that one)
2 sittings and it didn't start to hurt untill it went into the soft part of the shoulder over and over again to do all the shadeing.

I will be getting more soon...Got to get my surfing brand..

I also have two cuttings and two brandings as well.


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If anyone posts pics of their tattoos, my only request is that you come back in 40 years and repost those pictures, saggy skin and all. :sick:

Oh, and nope, no tatts on me, I like to keep my art where I can change it if I get tired of looking at it.
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what? no pink?
lol Angel, actually if you do it right you can change a tattoo : ) hehe

I have two tattoo's, one on top of the other :lol: I got a tattoo a loooong time ago and decided I was tired of looking at it, so when I went to hawaii 4 years ago I decided to have another one put on top of it. and I love this one. It's on my ankle and it's winnie the pooh surrounded by hawaiian flowers on a heart backdrop. it will be one that I will be proud to show my grandkids :D

saggy skin and all :lol:


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I have some piercings, but no tats. As soon as I get some of my music equipment woes settled and still have some disposable income, I'm planning on getting inked.



Hehe..I agree with Angel. I am not a tattoo person. That may change, but as of now, I don't plan to get any tattoos. :D


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I heard about a tatoo that made it look like the skin of your arm was peeled back so you could see all the organs and muscles. And somewhere in all that was a picture of some DNA twisting around the muscles. I hadn't actually seen this, but it seems like it would be the only tatoo that you wouldn't regret.
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I'll probably get one eventually, but I'm in no hurry for getting one.