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Tattoo's or piercing's anyone?


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So how many of you have Tattoo's and piercing???

I have a tattoo across my shoulder blades with Blue Roses (meaning unconditional love) and Three Crosses coming out of them.... and I have my ears pierced (normal) and my right tragus is pierced and my upper right ear (cartilage) it pierced....

My Birthday is next Saturday and I am getting my left tragus pierced and a tattoo on my right ankle (Chinese symbol matching my hubby's) its gunna be outlined in black and faded into purple......I can't wait!!!

I think this will be all I do although hubby would like for both of us to pierce our tongues and for me to pierce my belly...but not sure I want to do that!

Does anyone else have a obsession with either or maybe both??? Or do you want to get one, but to scared???


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Nope ...Dont want none i like my body just like it is..I got enough Scars without adding to them..


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Nope not a one tatoo. I do have my ears peirced tho. But thats it. I can't imagine being 90 with a tatoo LOL So i have never done it. :) I know I am boring LOL


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Ahhh if I had the body from way back when.....only 2 holes in each ear (would have the belly ring but this last round of weight gain and my use to be flat tummy has turned into somewhat of a spare tire) Tattoo's? I'm too chicken. Odd coming from a person who doesn't use novicane at the dentist? Of course IF I ever did (hmmm but where would I put it)? I know just what I'd have done. Of course it's Disney related :D Hubby wants the Jimmy Buffett lizard thingy on his arm one of these days. Not something either of us seriously thinks about often but ya never know what you're going to do when you hit the middle aged "I want to be younger again" thingy :D


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My hubby has 3 tattoo's and one ear pierced twice.....He has a taz on one shoulder blade and a scorpion on the other blade......and the Chinese symbol on his right arm.....

My tattoo is quite large across my shoulders, but it is very pretty and dainty looking.....I did not think it hurt as bad as being annoying...it took 2 hours to complete...thank GAWD he let me take smoke breaks...lol

I know what you mean about being 80 with a tattoo...that is why I did not get one on my boob like I had originally planned...I didn't want my pretty Blue rose turning into a long stem!!! hahahahahah

The Tattoo I have and the one I plane to get are ones I can live with forever...the meaning to me is priceless....hahahah but never get someone else's name put on....lol


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all. Wel I have two tats one on my shoulder blade (3-D Jolly Rodger) and the one on my leg (see Hitchhikers thread for pics) and I have 4 piercings, Two cuttings and Two brandings. And I plan on adding more tats in the future.
And only my wife gets to see the cuttings that I have. Because they are in a place that I can't take any pics.
The Brandings are of a moon and star inside a tribal wave. One is over my left ear and the other is in the midle of my lower back.(now that one hurt!!). So I guess that's it for me gotta go........ :warp:
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OMG!! I thought you only saw these things in LA!! Hahahha! Jk, But I cried when I finally got my ears pierced. And I was 34!!! AAHhahaaahhaha! I'm way to scared of the pain. But a tat? No way never...I change my thinking too often and it would be obsolete :eek:oh:


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Nanner... I have a disney tattoo for ya. Tigger, on my very lower calf. I felt like, at the time (8 years ago) that it was sort of a symbol of my personality. Now I wish I'd done something else. He lays on his tummy and looks up at a butterfly that's landed on his tail. Maybe someday I'll get it zapped off or covered up. It's pretty big, I'd hate to see what has to go over it to cover it LOL. I don't wanna be trailer trash looking.

Now don't get me wrong, I love tats, and well placed tattoos are yummy *grins*.

I'm getting a smaller version of one my boyfriend has on his shoulder placed on my lower back. It's a "logo" that includes his name. It will be a corporate logo for us, after we're married (I own the domain lol). He in turn, is getting my name tattooed in a "special" way, which I dont' think I can share cuz it would be a little telling of my personal life which I don't think a.) I am ready to share lol.. and b.) don't think I CAN share it here. (hint lol).

I have pierced ears. Have considered nose, tongue, eyebrow, bellybutton, but never did any of them.


what? no pink?
I have both ears pierced twice and I had a red rose on the inside of my right ankle for 10 years : ) but I actually hated it!! Last year when I went to Hawaii I finally got it covered up with Winnie the Pooh. I love winnie the pooh and I am finally satisfied with what my ankle looks like now LOL there is a red heart behind him and he is just there with some Hawaiin flowers around the heart. It was funny because the Tattoo guy that did it told me how much he got teased by the other guys when he was drawing the pic for me to come in and look at, he had to buy a colouring book to go by. LOL Then when I was in getting it done there was this other guy sitting there getting a huge UGLY fish put on his arm and he was looking at mine saying he wanted Pooh next hehehehe. I would never get another one. I'm done, It was really painful, especially the next day I could hardly walk my ankle swelled so much. So I was like never again!


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Here I come to ruin the day.....I realize that tattoos are considered an art form, and everyone knows, I do love art!! But, when I'm tired of looking at a certain piece, I like to be able to take it down and replace it with something else. I could not imagine immortalizing someone on my body, that's what the wedding ring was for. LOL :lol: As far as piercings, I have 1 hole in each ear, which are very rarely utilized, I prefer to express who I am in more subtle ways. JMO
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