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Tattoos and piercings


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(This is a pretty general discussion (har har yes I know I'm not funny ;P) so I've searched a way back on the keyword 'tattoo' and can't find a thread like this from the last year or so, but if there is one hiding somewhere please feel free to merge this post in with my apologies.)

Base question: What are your thoughts on tattoos and piercings, especially at work?

I have four tattoos and about twenty piercings (all but three of them in my ears), and though the tattoos are easily hidden under ordinary clothing I'm dreading the day I'll have to take the metal out to get a 'respectable' job. In fact, I fully intend to do my utmost to not have to take them out, unless I'm specifically asked or it gets to the point where I'm being consistently turned down and there's nothing left to query except the fact employers must just not like the steel features.

I think it's wholly unfair that respectable, professional people 'can't' have tattoos and piercings. My ink and metal doesn't make me any less intelligent, respectable or professional. I do take the point that extreme piercings (all over the face, for example, or stretched ears to the point of ridiculous) or offensive tattoos should perhaps be questioned, but say someone has a truly beautiful and well-done (and tasteful) full sleeve piece which is visible when they wear a short-sleeved shirt. That, to me, is a work of art and a part of their personality and denying them a particular job on the basis of it amounts to discrimination.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Would you respect, say, a lawyer with a subtle nose stud or a tasteful and well-done sleeve tattoo less than one without, assuming they spoke the same, had the same level of training and expertise, had won the same number of cases, and so on? Would you assume a newly-qualified teacher with six studs in each ear was less capable of relating to, and teaching, your kids than one without? Do you have tattoos and piercings yourself, and how do you deal with that in the workplace? Opinions and anecdotes more than welcome, and if you feel like posting pictures of your ink and holes, please feel free! (I'll try to get some of mine up when I get my borked laptop back from repair ;])


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Well, first of, I must say that I really don't like piercings. I don't know why, they just don't appeal to me. I also think, however, that it's unfair to judge peoples competences and qualifications just by the way they look. What counts in your job - either you work good and efficient or you don't, regardless of piercings and tatoos. Speaking of tattoos, I have no prejudices against people with ink. I think that most of them are works of art (I'm always amazed from great paintings and pictures, tattoos are no exception).
High-paid jobs just have a kind of fame about them that you have to look organised and respectable - whatever that means, as most lawyers and CEOs that I've met until now may look respectable, but they really aren't. I really wouldn't care if my lawyer had tattoos or piercings as longs as he's qualified. I might need some time to get used to piercings, but it would not prevent me from working with him/her.


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What are your thoughts on tattoos and piercings, especially at work?
I defend that think people have freedom to customize his bodies as they like. And tattoos or piercings don't have to influence our treat with a person. But in our society, tattoos or piercings are not totally acepted, and at some works, there's discrimination because of having them. That some people don't like them, doesn't mean that they're ridiculous or offensive, so I'm totally against discrimination of that fact.


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I personally think it shouldn't matter what you look like when it comes to a job, but however most cases it does. Depending on the job I think the person should take into consideration a level to be held accountable to along the lines of professionalism. If you know your tattoos are offensive then yes you should be covering them up. If you have your face pierced like pinhead do you think people would find you approachable? Most likely not. People like to know that the person helping them isn't going to frighten them away. I also think the demographical age of who you are helping and what your job is would effect the chances of you being hired for said job or being useful at the job.
Now if I hired someone who had tattoos everywhere along with piercings and they did their job fantastically then I wouldn't care. I'd just care about the way they handled clients and how productive they really were bottom line. If they ended up failing then I would treat them like anyone else and fire them. I have a back tattoo and its always covered up, so I know I won't be offending anyone anytime soon at work.


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I don't think it should matter, but like Lyssa said, if it's something that is offensive, such as profanity or nudity, then you should cover it up. But for me personally? I won't choose a lawyer based on whether or not they have tattoos, but on how many cases they win and such.

Though, a lot of facial piercings freak me out sometimes.


I know a lot of people say getting a lot of tattoos greatly effects your future work prospects. It shouldn't matter, in the end if someone is qualified, good at their work then their appearance shouldn't matter.

Although I guess I can see how it would sometimes be an issue. For example if the job was at a world-class, 5 star hotel or restaurant, and everyone has to wear the same immaculate uniform, always neat etc then tattoos could stand out and be an issue in that situation, unless they can all be completely covered.


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If it were up to me then people would be able to have piercings or tattoos in a professional work environment. It doesn't make me think any less of someone for having them. Piercings freak me out a little and the whole ear stretching thing...but I love tattoos.

If it were acceptable in the work place then I would go all out and get a full sleeve. My one and only tattoo at the moment is on my abdomen/pelvic area, so it is covered at work.

It would be acceptable where I currently am, but I get worried about something happening and me having to go back to a more professional environment.


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Pretty much sums up my point of view, dont judge a book by its cover, even in a professional environment. Or, vice versa.



Usually they are a turn off to me. Not really impressed or caring towards tattoos and piercings.
Everyone though has their own right to do whatever they want with their body.

At the workplace they should be invisible otherwise the person who shows the off could be seen as unprofessional and lacking of seriousness.


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Pretty much sums up my point of view, dont judge a book by its cover, even in a professional environment. Or, vice versa.

I've seen this come up on my FB a couple of times (I have a few piercers and tattoo artists added and they tend to share this sort of thing). Well said, sir, very well said.