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Tattoo Improvement


Registered Member
Hey guys,

so, I know there's a few talented artists on here and I was wondering if you could help me out.

This is the tattoo I have on my wrist. BA standing for "Boyce Avenue", my favourite band. I got it one night but never really put thought into what else could have gone into it. I'm not really that creative in that kind of way as it is so I just got the logo. It's too plain though i'd really like to add some artwork around it.

So, could anyone give me ideas or maybe if you've time sketch something out for me?


Registered Member
I'm unfamiliar with the band and most of my ink is dark and Gothic, but this is pretty decent work with a nice 3D effect. Justt going by the band name alone, maybe set up a background going up the belly of your arm with kind of a warped street. Strikes me as very indie, though, so perhaps I'm not getting the point.

Also, when I see 'BA', I think 'badass', but the font and style doesn't fit. I think a visual elaboration would be a good idea.