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TatAD.com goes SKINDEEP May 26th


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TatAD.com Brands Human Billboards LIVE at SKYBAR Vancouver

Vancouver Entrepreneurs Give advertising a whole new “SKIN DEEP” meaning.

Vancouver, BC, May 3rd, 2005: TatAD.com the World’s first body billboard advertising community will be hosting Vancouver’s Hottest Advertising Event at SkyBar in Vancouver, Thursday, May 26th.

The event titled “SKIN DEEP” at SkyBar is giving advertising a whole new meaning! TatAD.com will be branding some of its members with a variety of corporate tattoos. Other companies will be applying temporary tattoos to participate in the high energy and excitement that the event has to offer.

“Essentially a TatAD is your brand permanently tattooed onto an enthusiastic member of your target audience. Everywhere they go and in everything they do, they are displaying your logo and talking about your brand to every single person they encounter." says Darren Little, CEO of TatAD.com.

Since TatAD’s launch, on Dec 11th, 2004, the company now has a database of over 1450 individuals that have said YES to the concept of corporate tattoos and human billboards.

Mark Chadwick, President of www.tatad.com says, “Believe it or not!”

TatAD.com is a cutting edge marketing website with a community of members who are willing to promote companies they are fond of by tattooing the company’s logo on their bodies. They are committed to showing or talking about the logo and the company to general or targeted people in order to create word of mouth advertising regarding the company they have been tattooed by.

“In our initial test marketing phase, TatAD’s have been met with an overwhelming positive response from both the consumers and the corporate market”, said Chadwick, “We are proud to say that the companies that have purchased this media space on our members have been extremely pleased with the results”.

Suzuki was one of the first brand names to get on board with TatAD. Desi Evans General Manager for Orca Bay Suzuki stated, “The results from the TatAD have been nothing short of phenomenal! This has to be the best value for a “media-buy” that we’ve ever come across. In fact, we’ve liked the idea so much that we have showcased TatAD and their services to 17 other major companies at a special Suzuki Demo Days event in BC, Canada on April 30th, 2005”.

Kody Love, the TatAD.com member that wears the Suzuki brand on his wrist had a lifetime dreamed fulfilled, when he became a tradeshow representative for the Suzuki brand. “I love Suzuki, so much, that I would have done the TatAD for free!” claims Love, who drives a Suzuki car, a Suzuki motorcycle and 2 Suzuki ATV vehicles.

Another TatAD client, AbsolutePoker.com, branded Cole Harris as the world’s first human billboard for a Poker company, on March 3, 2005. Three weeks later, Harris went on to win the poker championship at Harrah’s Casino, in Las Vegas, Nevada. His picture, with the TatAD of the AbsolutePoker.com logo will hang permanently in the hotel lobby of the casino.

“It’s all about matching the right person, with the right company,” says Chadwick, “Each member provides us with extensive demographic and psychographic profiles on themselves, in addition to pictures. We send out the corporate logos to our entire database of members and from the responses that come back, the members have to sell the corporation on why they are the best person to become a TatAD promoter. It almost becomes like a contest. The final decision is made by the Corporation”.

In its initial test marketing stages, TatAD.com has completed TatAD’s for AbsolutePoker.com, Orca Bay Suzuki, GoldenPalace.com, Shocker Clothing, and Thomas Lynch Fashions. TatAd members have been paid between $500 and merchandise, up to as high as $3000

Chadwick, 28, is partnered with Darren Little 40, who has an extensive background in the marketing and advertising industry. “When it comes to marketing and advertising, you just know a good thing when you see it” says Little, who claims that TatAD is breaking new grounds in a totally new category of “Guerilla marketing”: Human Billboard Advertising.

TatAD has just entered into a joint venture partnership with RockTheVote.ca, who has relationships with numerous Hollywood celebrities and internationally known musicians. In addition, TatAd has signed a 5 year “branding” contract with Thell Torrence Enterprises known for creating boxing legends. Torrence himself is currently listed in the Boxing Hall Of Fame.

“All you have to do is fill out a lifestyle survey”, says Chadwick, “identify the area of your body that you are willing to have branded, how much you are willing to get paid and let us do the rest!”

The TatAD event will be filmed for TatAD TV as well as a number of other media organizations. Companies that will be branding TatAD members at the event will include Suddenimpactclothing.com, TheCabins.ca, Soulular.com, in addition to numerous TatAD members being branded with the TatAD.com logo.

A high energy event needs high energy entertainment, so featured that evening will be Over The Influence and Bogueart Entertainment bringing synchronized dance troops, music and mixes typically seen only in New York and Los Angeles.

Advertising packages range from $1500 to $7500. For event details, visit www.tatad.com/party . Corporations that are interested in being part of this media frenzy should contact TatAD.com at 1-604-628-7701. Consumers that are interested in becoming the world’s first walking billboards can register online at www.tatad.com. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $20.

Why not get paid by the brands you love? Tatad Ink. Get Branded! Get PAID!