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Tarantulas are looking for love


Free Spirit
Staff member
California residents can expect to see more tarantulas than usual this weekend.
"This weekend or next weekend is going to be the biggest spider movements of all. All the males will be looking for the girls so it gonna be eight legged love or spider romance," says Al Wolf, director of the Sonoma County Reptile Rescue.

Tarantulas are looking for love: It's mating season - CBS News
This is tarantula mating season so you might see more than usual. They are harmless here in the US, to humans anyway, a male might become lunch for the female after she is finished with him. Oh well, the ways of love can't be changed at least not for some.


I'm serious
I'm glad I'm nowhere near California for this. I wonder how bad it can really be? Are they going to see the tarantulas roaming the streets? I couldn't live there if that happens.