Talking about things to gross people out


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Do you ever talk about things to gross people out?

I know jeanie thinks it is disgusting when I talk about poop, and that is pretty much the only reason I would bring it up for a while. Now that joke has died, though haha


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I don't see the point in grossing people out, besides simply telling them is hardly the most effective way to get them grossed out if you really think about it.


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Only when I talk about doing dirty things with Anita's dog. Seeing her and Jeanie react the way they do makes it hard for me to stop.
In general I don't go out of my way to gross people out but if it happens and it entertains me then I'll go even further with it.


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I don't do it, really. It gets done to me quite a bit though.

I like to yell out people's temptations though. Or something that will get stuck in their heads. Come to think of it, I may only do that to Kayleigh.

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It doesn't gross me out when you talk about pooping, I just wonder why you're so eager to share about it. lol

I think it's fun to gross people out about some things, like zits


rainbow 11!
Really? :|

Well, shit. That sucks, then. That was the only reason I did it lol
My sister in law is grossed out when she sees someone brushing their teeth. Hahaha. I wonder if she brushes herself infront of the bathroom mirror.


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I don't go out of my way to gross people out, but if I see they are getting grossed out then I will carry the conversation on because I like to see people squirm. Like in chat one time, when Kay was getting grossed out thinking about her parents having sex. Haha good times


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I don't talk about poop to gross people out I do it because it's hilarious.

Personally I never was a person that cared about grossing people out, I'll do a few things here and there with my eyes, or I'll show anita my winis, but other than that I don't care for it.


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I don't think anyone would believe me if I said I weren't that person that talks about gross shit in bad places. I love making people squeemish talking about 2girls1cup, jarsquatter, things I've seen when I was a medic, or otherwise things that'll make your skin crawl. And if I see that I'm really getting to someone, chances are that I'll make it worse however I can.