Talk To Frank Adverts


Ms. Malone
Any Brit will know what these ads are; but for those who don't Frank is an anti-drugs hotline, if you have any questions about drugs you ring them.

The adverts for this are usually pretty good; you have the Cannabis Ad:

YouTube - Talk to Frank (brain warehouse) Ad

And the E advert:

YouTube - WellChild - Talk to Frank - Gameshow advert

And then you have THIS abomination:

YouTube - FRANK Cocaine TV Ad

Can anyone really take that seriously? What the hell are they thinking?


Boom Boom Pow!
Yeah, I must admit that this advert does fall below their usual standard of adverts, I think I remember seeing this on TV and thinking wtf?


Supreme System Lord
The latest one with the dog who has David Mitchell's voice is pretty funny.

I always chuckle when I hear the dog says "Yes you do, well done".

I personally like then but maybe they should get a little more serious to get the picture across.


I am the woolrus
hehe i remember seeing the dog advert on tv the first time. I thought it was hilarious! I don't think it gets the point across, but at the same time, it's definitely memorable. i remember it more than the other ones. It's not exactly easy to forget though. Well..... unless you actually have a drug problem i guess...... :-/