Talk In The Third Person


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Do you ever talk in the third person?

I had this one friend who would talk in the third person almost all the time and if I spent too much time with him it would rub off on me and I would start speaking that way without even realizing.

And I still catch myself doing it once in a while and it's become the butt of jokes with my friends =P

What about you? Would you find it really annoying if someone talked to you in the third person? What's the % chance they would be slapped in the face? :)


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We prefer to talk in 1st person plural. We musn't change our ways now. We must have the prreeeeEEECIOUS!!!!!! :gollum:

No, I never speak in third person unless I am kidding around. That would just be weird.

This reminds me of Jimmy from Seinfeld. Jimmy has a strange way of talking. Other people don't tend to pick up on the fact that Jimmy talks this way. Jimmy might as well have just said what I just wrote. :lol:
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Jimmy's Down! Jimmy likes Elaine. Jimmy's new in town.

But yeah, I'm like Brix. I really only talk in the third person if I'm goofing around.


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I've met someone who speaks like that as well. It is annoying beyond believe. I'd say there's a 70% chance of a slap! I am not a violent person, but I do have a very short temper!! Soooo, Idi will do what Idi needs to do! ;)


I have looooooooooots of friends who talk in 3rd person. All I can say is that I strongly HATE it!
I think it's a trend in Albania to talk in 3rd person and I find it ridiculous and snobby.

I speak in third person when I'm goofing around or when I minorly mess something up. For example, if I trip, I'll get back up and say something like, "Laurel meant to do that" or "Laurel is talented." It's only ever one or two sentences, and my friends like to respond in third person themselves sometimes if we're all goofing around.
Or occasionally when I am feeling down, one of my friends especially will come up to me and ask, "is the Laurel okay?" and I'll respond by saying "the Laurel is tired and not feeling well" and that will start a proper conversation.


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I talk int he third person as a joke. If someone around me says "Steve should do this" or "Steve is like this" I'll come back with "Steve doesn't think that's such a good idea" or something silly along those lines.

For a while in high school I spoke in the third person out of habit. I never figured out where it came from but I started to look like a real asshole and had to make an effort not to speak in the third person. It gets annoying when someone does it constantly.