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Talk about a pain in the ass


Registered Member
**Warning this is highly gross and also a little embaressing on my part**

5 days ago I noticed a pimplelike thing growing on my tailbone, the only reason I noticed it was because of the pain it caused, it wasn't that bad so I thought nothing of it.

The next day, It hurt like someone had hit me in the tailbone with a sledgehammer, It was unconfortable to do almost anything, couldnt sleep that night.

I decieded to work through the next day, and man was it a painful one, when I came home from work I noticed the "pimple" had popped, which is always good, but the pain got worse, and the "pimple" kept draining and wouldnt close.

I finally decieded to go to the doctors office and see what the hell it was, turnes out its a Pilonidal Cyst. All i can really say is it hurts like a sonofabitch. I either have to wait for this to completly drain out, or have surgery to have the cyst removed, but even then there is a chance that the cyst can come back.

It royally sucks.


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That's crap-eh-damn, and, umm, well, I hope that works out for you?


No, kidding aside, hope your problem goes away soon...



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A growth on the bum! Hmm... disturbing.


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Yeah those are supposed to suck alot. A friend of mine had one and my dad has apparently had a few....They says it's "Really painfull" and "It really sucks ass". Friend went into detail what they did.....very very gross.


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it is Really Painful, Its getting better slowly, Im going to try and work tomarrow, as i cannot afford to miss anymore