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3ds Tales of Tempest for DS!


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I am a BIG Tales fan. Tales of Symphonia was one of my favorite RPGs, I loved the story, fighting style, and most of all, MULTI-PLAYER fighting.

Well, it was announced a few weeks ago Tales was coming to the DS. At first I was not too excited because I was thinking it would be 2D. I was wrong! It looks beautiful! Here is a quick run down of the game.

Tales of the Tempest is apparently due out in Japan in 2006 and stars a 15-year-old lad called Caius.

Caius lives in a village, obviously, and a monster obviously attacks it. His foster father dukes it out with the monster and is judged to be of beast race, so being all kind and loving the other villagers drive him and Caius out along with Caius' childhood friend Rubian. In the ensuing chase, dad plays decoy to give the youngsters time to escape, and somehow this turns into a quest to find out the truth about Caius' origins.

According to reports, Tales character designer Mutsumi Inomata has taken up the same role on the title, of which we'll presumably hear more, perhaps including how it takes advantage of the stylus, Wi-Fi and whatnot, in the coming weeks.
There will be multiplayer in this game!!! It is yet to be determined whether or not it is Wifi or Nifi, but none the less it is awsome.

Check out the official link here
Check out the great video here

Anyone else excited about this???


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Cool. I've never actually played the full game, but I've played a demo. It was pretty fun. I'll be looking at this if I get a DS. I hope the multiplayer is Wi-Fi... with the way Wi-Fi's been doing, having Wi-Fi would be a good move.