Tales of Overrated Games: Zelda


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After a long series of thoughts, I've come to a conclusion that the Zelda series is one of the most overrated of all time. Now, this isn't being said out of anger, hatred, or any other reason outside of a recent revelation. See, I love Zelda. I played the NES one, owned the Gameboy version, played the shit out of the SNES one and hibernated in my room when Ocarina of Time came out. However, I can't help but realize the games are highly formulaic.

I wish I had more time to go in depth but I don't. All I can say is that it's always the same line of events:

1. Get basic weapon
2. Collect X amount of artifacts
3. Use artifacts to gain entrance to last dungeon
4. Get Triforce
5. Link doesn't get laid . . again

It's just gotten very old and I'd like to see them try something new. What do you think? I'm not calling the games bad, but the most recent games have been less than stellar. My favorite is the SNES version and always will be. But it would be nice to see a change in style and formula.
Pretty much all of the Zelda games I've played aside from Wind Waker, Four Swords and Majora's Mask have been the same: beat three dungeons as Link with a weak-er sword, get Master Sword, conquer 8 more dungeons and go fight Ganon. Pretty much the same plot of saving Zelda time and time again, too.

When they tried going the new path of Majora's Mask, it didn't seem to work out too well. Still, I want them to try to branch out of the same ol' same ol' they have been doing for years now. How about getting rid of Link and have us play as Skull Kid. I'm telling you, that guy needs his own game. :D


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Zelda II, Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons, and Majora's Mask were all very different from the classic Zelda formula, and maybe with the exception of Majora's Mask they are some of the least popular games in the series.

Sure, there are always going to be some things that make it into every game, but that's what makes it Zelda. If you remove those elements you'll be playing a whole new series, only with the name Zelda slapped onto it.


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I wouldn't called Zelda overrated. The games do repeat the same formula again and again, but that almost any game could be said to be repeating some basic formula. The joy of the series comes in the individual experiences that make up the formula - the exploring, figuring out which item to use when, and that sort of thing. That is Zelda's strength and what has kept the series going so long.

Granted, Zelda has been getting repetitive even in that aspect. The hookshot is really ready to be retired at this point. The "go on a quest for the Master Sword, then hunt the big bad" bit could use some refreshing. Those things keep coming back, though, because gamers eat them up.

Nintendo's been focusing a lot of effort on social gaming with the Wii. Maybe we'll get lucky and see that introduced into Zelda somehow - it's long past time we had a licensed Zelda game where Zelda isn't a damsel in distress, but travels with Link as an equal hero.


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1. Get basic weapon ->
2. Collect X amount of artifacts
3. Use artifacts to gain entrance to last dungeon
Well I gotta ask, can you really change that? safe the word dungeon, isn't that the formula for most of the popular RPG games?

I belive what should be changed are the
-Dungeons/levels.. they're so not original, it's always the same. A level in the fire.. a level in the water.. and a level in the grass and the air.


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I think that majora's mask was very different from classic Zelda. But the storyline was very clever


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Wouldn't call it over rated but maybe a bit tired. Zelda 3 Link To The Past is my all time fav game but don't think i'd fancy playing through just another updated version of it. Last one i completed was the one on the N64, Ocerina Of Time.


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Yeah, the series is getting a bit tired. I seem to recall however that the developers said that after Twilight Princess they were going to be trying something new. Hopefully that doesn't just mean game mechanics, but also trying something new with the story.
This is why I only like N64 games. I'm not a big fan of the 2D games, as I get bored of them easily. And the Gamecube and Wii games just seemed like OoT copies, with only mild differences.

I hope their next game will change the dungeon system into something more interesting. It gets old if it's just finding keys, finding items, and then battling a boss at the end. And I hope the next game won't have the same old story of Ganon/Ganondorf being the enemy, Zelda is captured or in trouble and what not, having to save her, and so on.
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I'd say we can probably count on Ganondorf being the big bad guy of the next one. The series usually goes in the pattern of having him in one game and not in the next. He wasn't in the last one, so next time is his turn at bat again.