Tales from The Afternow


AKA Ass-Bandit
Just found this interesting series. It's based in an unspecified year in the future where mega-corps run pretty much everything, everything's been copyrighted, nukes have burned away the ozone layer to the point where if you walk out during the day without enough protection, you're dead, and other such ghastly things.

The series follows the broadcasts of "independent librarian dynamic Sean Kennedy the 6th", sending out information to the past (through the usual pseudo-science) in an effort to get the past changed to prevent his present. He tries to describe life in his present, the events that lead up the world being what it is in the series. From my limited experience of the series (read: I just finished episode 1), the voice actor paints a good picture of what the hell Sean's world looks like.

Apparently, it's been running for several years now, since around 2002, and in that time the series has become popular enough to warrant a comic book series, a graphic novel, posters, t-shirts, a DVD and a role-playing system.

You can listen to the episodes here.
Never heard of it before. I was looking for new sci-fi related stuff (what genre would you actually put this in?) recently, and you make it sound good, but I listened to about 5 mins then wondered how my attention would last a whole series. I'm not judging on just 5 minutes though so I'll probably try again later.