Taking Time For Yourself


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Lately I've been thinking about some people that I know who can't stand being alone. They hate doing things by themselves and much rather have company all the time. Now I find a lot of things scary... but being alone certainly isn't one of them. If anything I quite enjoy having time to myself, it allows me to think.

How imporatant is "me time" to you guys, and what do you do when you do get to steal some time for yourself?

I find that when I am alone, I tend to watch movies or surf the net. I know it's not really doing much but I enjoy being able to do these things by myself.


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I love "me" time, I love being around people, but I also like being alone, I don't want to be on the run all the time doing something crazy with somebody that I know.

Being alone or with friends, either way I'm happy though. :)


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I am a huge fan of "Me Time". I think all parents should get atleast 1 hour a day of Me time. I usually go boarding or lock myself up in my office and play video games or read a few comics. Then I go down to the kitchen and start making dinner.

My wife takes the "Calgon Me Time" after dinner.

If you have kids then you need the Me Time...And then you need mommy and daddy time too.


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I like having time away from all of the stresses, time to just curl up with a book and read until the world around me disappears. But I'd be just as happy to snuggle up with my boyfriend and watch movies :). So I guess I like me time, but it's mostly just that my family is freaking mental.


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Right now my "me time" is when I'm online but I'm not always alone or uninterrupted. During the day I'm rather multitasking between checking my mails and doing real stuff I have to do at home. :lol: However, at night when everyone is asleep and it's quiet here, that's the better "me time". Maybe that's why I don't sleep much. Because if I slept like normal people, then part of my sleeping hours would take away the already limited time I have left to do things for myself.

I do plan to take a vacation next year and have a real "me time". I'm looking forward to that longer periods of reconnection with myself.


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I enjoy my me time,when i get some,but what with work and the kids it can get hard to have time alone.
If i do get get some time,i enjoy fishing,being outside on the river bank also has a calming effect after a rough day.
If i cant get out then once the kids are asleep,i may sit and read or watch a movie,maybe just sit outside and have time to think,thats what i been doin lately,cause my world has gone up side down of late.


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I need the "me time" just like Surfer mentioned.
I usually take it once my lil one goes to bed and either surf the net (i.e GF) or relax on the sofa and read a book.
"Me time" is wonderful. It seems like when I'm with everybody else I need to take care of their needs and make sure they're doing well. It gets daunting after awhile and I'll take all the "me time" I can get. =P


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I take sanctuary in "Me Time". It's the time where I just get things out of my head. If Music was just a hobby then playing would be my time but it's my career. Mostly I'll write, and drive to a nearby coffee shop. I usually spend time spiritually. Searching for more wisdom and getting the away from this world by reading a good book.


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That op confused the fuck out of me. I thought it said "Talking to yourself."

But me time isn't too important to me. I like being by myself more than I like being with people, but that's only because I like me way more than I like you.