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Taking the blame


Sally Twit
Have you ever taken the blame for someone so that they didn't get in trouble?
If not, would you ever do it?

Has anyone ever taken the blame for you?

I have taken the blame for people at work but not on anything huge. Just things that I could blag my way out of better than someone else.
My sister has taken the blame for me for a few situations when we were kids. It didn't mean much to me at the time but it does now when I think back. Things such as small damages to the house.


I haven't taken the blame for anyone and no one has ever taken it for me.
I don't know if I'd do it. I guess the person would be really important for me to take the blame for them or maybe the situation would be kind of extreme.


yellow 4!
I've never done it explicitly that I can remember, nope.

I've let people believe something was my fault when it wasn't by not correcting them, though.
Like for example, my mum has told me off countless times when I was younger for things that my dad had previously agreed to let me do. But I would never tell her I'd had his permission to do it (in which case, she would have been angry at him and not me).

So yeah, I guess that kind of thing counts...


Problematic Shitlord
I only take blame that isn't my own when it's a close friend. Other than that, people should be more ready to accept the consequences of their actions.


Well-Known Member
I used to take the blame at work for this useless dude because I thought he was cute, plus my boss loved me haha. I think i've taken the blame for things for my brothers maybe once or twice, and all the time for my little sister. Never really did for friends though.


rainbow 11!
once, I sat down at the computer and the chair broke. It was SUPER old, but... I made it look like it hadn't yet broken. and I stayed off of it until my mom got home. then she sat on it and fell flat on her ass and everyone blamed her.

no one in my family knows this.



I've taken the blame a few times in school for a friend and once with the cops. Nothing major, just I got caught and he didn't, can't rat out your friends.... unless you're facing a long prison term. Haha.


Registered Member
Once, when I was about 17, some friends and I were parked down a dirt road smoking joints and listening to the radio. This story is awesome on several levels:

We were listening to the Stones, and "Can't You Hear me Knocking" was playing, when, suddenly, I fucking kid you not, a cop was outside the car, knocking on the driver-side window. WE WERE SMOKING WEED AND SUDDENLY A COP WAS KNOCKING ON THE WINDOW WHILE THE STONES WERE SINGING "CANT YOU HEAR ME KNOCKING". It was almost too much for our tiny little drug-addled brains to handle. There were three of us in the car, and our heads all whipped toward the window and then at each other with such crazy precision, and we all made this same sound, kind of like a short laugh that came out rather like a bark, and the cop knocked again.

G., who was driving, rolled down his window, and, you know, the cop did his thing, eventually asking us to get out of the car. We did. He found the bag, stashed behind the heat/AC vent--he said, "Bingo!"--and asked whose it was. I said it was mine--it wasn't. But both of the guys I was with had already been in trouble, and I was actually staying with G, who had talked his parents into taking me in for a while, and it just felt like it was time to step up--and I think I had the odd notion that I had less to lose, since I was already pretty lost.

The thing is, the cop just sort of bellowed at me, and at us, and he took the smoke and dumped it onto the ground, which was kind of damp, and he ground it under his foot--I can still see his sneering face and the kind of silly little motion his foot and ankle and leg made as he smashed the weed into the ground. And then he let us get back into the car and drive away.

Someone told me later that since the smoke was hidden in his car, G would have likely gotten in trouble, anyway, but I'm not sure if that's true, and I certainly didn't know it when I did this utterly idiotic thing of copping to something that wasn't mine. Anyway, it sucked to lose the smoke, but I definitely gained a certain status and respect for trying to take one for my friend, and I carry with me that utterly unfathomable, hilarious, terrifying, oddly exhilarating moment when that cop started knocking and the Stones were doing their thing...

YouTube - Can't you hear me knocking- rolling stones


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I don't like being blamed for something I didn't do. It's even one of my pet peeves. However recently, I thought of this question because I was in a situation wherein I'd rather take the blame over something than let the truth come into play and mess up people involved over mistakes I feel were honest accidental ones and not deliberate - and somehow it will break them for nothing. But I didn't do anything with it - which was fine for me as I don't really want to do it, if not for that messianic moment.

With my kids though I haven't taken the blame but rather took blame off someone, sometimes - for example: so they won't be so upset with their dad when he messes up.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I can't recall ever taking the blame for something I didn't do, unless I got in a fight with a friend or girlfriend and took the blame just to resolve the issue or something like that. I think everyone should be held responsible for their own actions and not rely on other people to take the blame for them.