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Taking down your Christmas tree


aka ginger warlock
Yesterday I decided to take down my Christmas tree. I was not especially bothered about putting it up in the first place but I figured I probably should. I have heard that the standard procedure is to take it and other decorations down by the 6th of January or you will receive a years bad luck, I am unsure of what bad luck will occur but that is what is suggested. I am personally just not that bothered about keeping them up any longer than is required.

How about you though? Are yours still up? How long will you keep them up? Do you take them down when the event has passed? Do you even bother putting it and them up at all?

**post note, yes, I know there is a MASSIVE amount of innuendo!


Free Spirit
Staff member
I don't bother putting one up anymore. No one seems to care about it now and its such a hassle taking it all down and boxing it up. I use to go all out with the decorations, tree, lights all over the house but somewhere along the line it turned into more trouble than its worth.

I never knew it was suppose to be bad luck if you didn't get it taken down by the 6th of January. Maybe that's been my problem all along.lol


Registered Member
I was going to take my tree down on Friday but I got distracted, then I forgot yesterday and was out all day today. I only got the decorations out because I had the inclination to do so one day. I am bored of them now so will most likely put them all away tomorrow.

Once, I left them up until about March/April time, I think it was 2011. That was a decent year, no bad luck for me :)


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I always keep it up until at least January the 2nd. To me the Christmas season extends until the New Year and then I'll take it down.

So looking at the calendar I'll probably take it down on the 4th of January since its a Saturday.


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We didn't even bother putting one up this year. It was such an awful 2013 that we just couldn't be arsed. Hopefully next year will be different and we'll put one up then, 'cos I do find Christmas trees to be a lot of fun.


Registered Member
Ha, probably the bad luck that will befall you if you don't take it down by January 6th is that the sucker will start a house fire because it is so dried out that the strings of lights will cause it to combust.

We used to put a real tree up just a couple of days before Christmas and take it down on Jan. 2 - as somebody else said, the holiday season lasts from Christmas to New Years. Nowadays we have no tree, no decorations or anything else. Course, Christmas is not a holiday here in Japan. People just do their normal business - work, go shopping, go to Post Office, etc., etc.
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It depends. I was surprised we even put one up this year. There's been years where we took it down Christmas night and others where it didn't come down until near the end of January.

I guess it depends on how lazy we are. Haha.

Winter is such a dark, colorless season that it's nice to have a little color and cheer in your house.


Well-Known Member
We actually took our tree down yesterday. It's now sitting in a bunch of boxes in the family room. Probably need to move that into storage today :lol:

Still have lots of other indoor decorations to take down. As for the outdoor decorations (which are rather excessive, haha) we won't be taking those down until it warms up a bit.