Taking Apart The 12a


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So Ryan (a friend of mine) bought a 12a rotary off some guy. It has 50,000 miles for $50. He went to pick it up today. They met in a parking lot at Costco. When the engine wouldn't fit in Ryan's trunk he wanted to put it in the back seat but the guy didn't want to be responsible for any damage so he just left the engine on the ground and Ryan sitting there in the parking lot. So Ryan called me and Stokes (a friend of ours with a Suburban).

Here is the 12a:

Then Ryan decided to take it for a little walk:

We got bored while waiting for Stokes and went ahead and started taking stuff off of it:

Finally got it in the Suburban and convoyed back to Ryan's house:

And the destruction begins!!!!

The pile of parts:

No shoes?

Ryan and Stokes:

Me lulz:

More destruction:

That's where we stopped for the day. All that's left is to take off the flywheel (which is why we stopped. We have to go buy a 54mm socket) and then just take out the long bolts that hold the housings together. We'll finish tomorrow.