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Miscellaneous Taking a moment to be still


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Yesterday I took 15 minutes or so and went outside to just sit and enjoy the beautiful day we were having. It sort of dawned on me that I don't do this enough because I absolutely love nature. I found it to be incredibly refreshing and relaxing to just be outside, the world seemingly standing completely still. There's a certain amount of tranquility in just taking a moment to soak in the great outdoors I suppose.

It's there to be enjoyed, right?

Does anybody else do this? Am I strange? :lol:


Free Spirit
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No your not strange, I think its good for someone to do that and I do it too. Just sit in swing watching nature do its thing. I especially like it when a thunderstorm is over the horizon. Guess that's weird but it feels different.


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This is actually one of my favorite things about hiking. On every hike that I do, whether it's a short one lasting only a few hours, or a long one spanning weeks or months, I stop to take in my surroundings pretty frequently and just listen to the ambient sounds of nature and marvel at the trees, mountains, water, weather, etc. I think too many people take it all for granted.


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I take advantage of down time when I can. I love laying in grass and just watching the clouds roll by or the stars just exist. It's a great way to meditate.


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Nope, you're not weird. Whenever I am at the beach, I always find myself looking out at the vastness of the ocean and the horizon. It does something to my mind. I find that I get lost in it, and that I come away feeling... well, calmer.


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I do this everything I go fishing, after a while I wind in and sit and watch the water and the surrounding areas.
My favourite place is the park near my parents, I have sat by the water and watched water fowl and other bird life, if you are still enough,for long enough you sometimes get one of the little thrushes or robins take up a post on the rod tip to hunt for bugs.
You can watch the red and fallow deer,and in the early part of September you can see the big red stags rutting.

The whole place is a sanctuary for the mind.

Other times I will take time out in the city,climb up on the rooftops and stare at streets below, I find peace there even in the bustling world of city centers.


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This is something I don't do often enough. When I go on holiday then I like to take time out as much as possible, but when going about normal day to day stuff, it is not something I make time for.

Times that I have taken time to be still and reflective always involve water of some kind. Either when I am on my parents boat, walking along a river or near the sea.


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I think it's very healthy, even anywhere, to just stop for a moment and take everything in around you. Notice the world, be aware of it. It's basically a brief moment of mediation and I think it would help a lot of people simply calm down and be more aware of their world.


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I wish I did this more. I try to even take a moment for myself indoors. Just be still and think of nothing, no tv, phone, not even a book. But this works far better in the outdoors, surrounded by nature. I just never get around to doing this anymore though.


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I'm having another moment like this but this time much more epic.

As I type this I am literally watching the full lunar eclipse. Basically this is all the sunsets on the world refracted onto the moon creating a blood moon.

So cool to see. It's so quiet, so relaxing. A truly surreal moment.

Goodnight GF.