Taiwan bracing for Super Typoon SEPAT...

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Flyhigher, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Flyhigher

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    I am a little nervous about this monster coming my way... I live very close to the coast in Taiwan, and this Typhoon is a C-5 the strongest on the rating scale... My wife is concerned about her family living directly on the coast, so she's heading down to her mother's house today... I told my wife to load them in the car and bring them back to our home away from the coast... All of Taiwan will be effected by this Typhoon, however, the coastal cities and villages will be hit hardest... Say a small prayer for Taiwan...

  2. Hinata

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    Best of luck to you Flyhigher. My prayers are with you your family and friends!

    Hopefully the storm will weaken before it hits Taiwan but it looks to be going right at that country and I know that its no joke. I hope everyone is prepared for this storm season especially being stocked on supplies... remember what the survival list consists of. If you don't have one.. then I will post one for you all to look at!
  3. Martel

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    I will more than definatly put y'all in my prayers. But I must also ask you to pray for those that will be affected by Hurricane Dean. It is headed for the Texas/Mexico border. If Dean move 15 miles north, it will miss the Yucatan and will strike Galveston/Houston/San Antonio/Brownsville at Catagory 4-5 compared to the 2-3 if it does hit Yucatan first...

    Thanks to all that pray for the better. For us and the whining little girl in Taiwan.

  4. Best wishes for you and your wives family... I live in Puerto Rico that just missed being slammed by hurricane Dean last night... My wife had to drive to the other end of the island for school this morning and I worried about the storms from the outer bands... in the storm center gusts to 185MPH Check out this link on the track and say a prayer for those folks in the direct path in just a few hours... http://www.intellicast.com/Storm/Hurricane/Track.aspx Hope you and yours faired fine and will have a normal life returned soon!
  5. oxyMORON

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    I think Taiwan can be engulfed several times over by a storm of that size. I have relatives there too. I think they'll be fine.
  6. Flyhigher

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    Thanks, and I will say a prayer for the poor victims in the path of Dean...
    Taiwan faired Ok, but we had a some injuries and property damage...
    Good luck with and take care...

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