Tailgating(car version)


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This is sort of a spin off to Iris thread, a lot of people thought she meant tailgating in a car when they read the thread title. So I decided to start a new thread about the car version. What do you do if your driving and some is tailgating you? I personally slow down, except if it's on the highway, and make him so mad. He wants to be on my bumper then he's going to pay for it. I can't stand when people are driving so close.
If I'm going over the speed limit by a bit already then I'll slow down a little, just to make a point. If I'm just under, at the speed limit, or on a non-restrictions zone then I feel pressured to go faster, so usually I do. I hate it when people do that though lol.

Then there are other times when I just don't react at all.


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It normally doesn't bother me. It's pretty normal for the city that I live in. Sometimes I'll slow down if it's bugging me...or even put on the brakes enough for my tail lights to come on.

I am guilty of tailgating myself. Just this morning, some idiot gets over in the left lane in front of me. I was in a hurry because I was running late for work, btw...

The driver then proceeds to drive under the speed limit, and then wait for 4 cars to pass him before he moves back over to the right. I tailgated that sumbitch. I almost honked my horn at him too, but the horns in Toyota's aren't very intimidating. I don't think "meep meep" would have gotten my point across.


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What really irks me is people who front-gate. I mean who do these people think they are, backing up to my front bumper and doing the speed limit? Geez... ;)


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I hate it, makes me really nervous.

The first time i'd driven at night on my own someone was tailgating me-scared the crap outta me :-/

I ease off the gas-it really pisses them off, especially of they can't get around me XD


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I slow down and sit just below the speed limit, because when someone does that to me, it really pisses me off. I only tailgate people when i'm late for something, so assume the people who tailgate me are also late.


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What really irks me is people who front-gate. I mean who do these people think they are, backing up to my front bumper and doing the speed limit? Geez... ;)
No kidding:lol:

I admit I tailgate, I do it too much. I'm usually in a hurry so I do it trying to get people out of the way. I'm trying to not do it so often though.


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Well it's not too smart to slow down to try to teach them a lesson, that's for sure. I know somebody who was in a car when the driver decided to slow down to get rid of a tailgater and guess what? A few rolls later both cars were in the ditch and a few people died.

Of course that was the highway. Still though, it's usually best to just let them go around you.


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If I have someone tailgating me usually I just slow it down to where the speed gets so unbearable for them that they just pass me.

I'm an average speed driver, I dont go 80 everywhere, in fact Im usually really good about pinning my truck at 55mph at all times using the Cruise Control (or Cop Control as I call it :hah:). So I get passed all the time by people who just have to go faster than 55.

But if I get someone who literally gets so close to me that it starts bugging me I'll give them a little brake check. Nothign that would put me in immediate danger... just enough to let 'em know "get the fuck back or else".